Rules Discussion [1st windward mark, all on port]

So the following picture was taken at a race I was in last night. All boats on <font color=“red”>edit</font id=“red”>starboard, heading to the mark for a tight rounding.

The White Boat and Blue Boat are overlapped.
The Blue Boat and the Red Boat are overlapped.
The White Boat and the Red Boat are NOT overlapped.

How do we all think the right of ways SHOULD play out here? Is Red in control of the entire rounding?


First question is when were the overlaps established? If this situation was identical at the circle four boatlenghts from the mark, then, yes, red must be given room by both other boats to round the mark. If on the other hand red didn’t establish its overlap in a timely fashion, then red has no rights over the other two boats.

I agree with Roy. If all overlaps were established before the 4 lenghth cricle the red is overlapped with white blue boat by default so to speak.

See Windpower. Answer will probably be determined after a bit of discussion. Rules Discussion area - similar strange title to thread: something like “windward rounding - boats that appear to be on stbd tack are on port tack”.


Ill elaborate, Just to figure out the answer I want and need.

when the white boat entered the 4 boat length circle, red and blue WERE overlapped, but white and blue were NOT overlapped. By the time the mark is reached, they were all overlapped. What SHOULD happen? White wants to tack, but blue is now overlapped and on starboard.

Outcome, white, not wanting to cause the pile up is pushed wayyyyyyyyyy wide by red and blue, and goes from 1st, to 3rd, unable to regain the lead on the down wind.


PS: incase any of these sailors are actually reading this thread, the overlaps were established at 4 boat lengths, white went from first to last, all was clean and kosher, Red had rights.

[:-alien] This scenario illustrates the challanges of setting a fleet racing course with starboard roundings. It is frankly, most unwise, to do so and should be avoided, if at all possible.[8]
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Do it NOW before it`s too late.

white should protest red and blue and both red and blue should do penalty turns. Rule 18.2© states “If a boat is clear ahead at the time she reaches the four length zone, the boat clear astern shall thereafter keep clear. If the boat clear astern becomes overlapped outside the other boat she shal also give the inside boat room.If the boat clear astern becomes overlapped inside the other boat she is not entitled to room. If the boat clear ahead passes head to wind the rule 18.2© no longer applies”
also rule 18.2(e) states “If there is resonable doubt that a boat obtained or broke an overlap in time, it shall be presumed that she did not.”
hope this hels with your query tb

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