Rule Clarification Please

Now you makers of the rule: be careful. This is definitely a question with a sting in the tail. I am not terribly interested in doing anything with the possible result but it is an intrguingly bizarre thought.

Q. Are masthead floats allowed, as in multihulls?


Do you envisage sailing your footie in a gale, with no keel bulb?

Any monohull with a reasonable keel leverage must be self righting and have a good ballast ratio to sail. My footy has about five oz fishing weight as ballast.


Ralph (Dundee)



I know.


Looking at the preamble to the rules:

“These are open class rules in which anything not specifically restricted or prohibited is permitted.”

Now bouncing down to Section F ? Rigs, I see nothing about restricting or prohibiting a float. Unless I’ve lost the ability to read English, that means to me, you’re golden.

(Of course, this is common sense talking, which is often at wide variance with officialdom! insert the usual disclaimer here.)


No sting Angus,
Multis are allowed,just fit it in the box.

Brett - I love you. You are a sweet and innocent boy. You are just too good to live.

Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly!


NB This is strictly for entertainment.

Its not the free ticket you think it may be Angus,
There are many issues to solve before a multi footy will blast around the course faster than the current leadmines.


Are permanently canted masts allowed?

What other restrictions are there on masthead fittings?


Its all there in the rules Angus,or rather it isn’t:)
so knock yourself out,slide your cat or tri into the box sideways with a canting mast or anything else that takes your fancy.
Just be aware that however you place the boat in the box is how you must sail it.

Super Footy now on drawing board. If this was thecAmerica’sd Cup, reach for your attorney!


prove it on the race course…all is not how it seems in the world of tiny model yachts…

The clue is the parasol rig!


Of course…the parasol rig.
6.18 time to beat…bet it would take some years to perfect and even then sucess may be doubtfull on an actual racecourse.
Please try it though…just be aware of the huge challenge to actually make something like this work in the real world

You just spoiled all those ideas I got about a Footy cat. :frowning: Maybe Ill try one some dy just to see ifit would work- or how it would go.

IF you slipped a Footy cat in the box on it’s side, couldn’t ou claim that that’s on of its norma:disapprovl attitudes? :confused: :tapedshut

Sure - but with two masthead floats (say) 25 metrs long and a span of 20 metrss, it doesn’t have to be awfully efficient. Might be difficult to fit onto the average Footy pond though!

You could give the parasiol gross anhedral angle (45 degrees). Then you just end up with a slightly odd wing-sailed cat.

That was the point of the wind up!


PS The rule actually works. You going to control hat brute on 4 AAs?

wind up alright:)
Sorry fittings can’t be larger than there primary purpose.
Maybe read down the page a little further:)

Brett, sorry if the wind up didn’t senm very funny. My apologies.

On l;arger, they’re the right tize to stop the sail tips sinking. They’re just welll strramlined - honest, Guv.

No worries here Angus,
Always fun to exersise the mind.
I have been searching for loopholes since we wrote the rule…

There are loopholes and there are fantasies. I wouldn’t remotely imagine getting away with that one in practice!

However, it did come from the thought of a parasol rig which was serious: it doesn’t produce any heeling force and reduces dispacement (as opposed to weight). I can see a lot of reasons why it should n’t work but one or two why it should. A better candidate is the inclined wing (further off the surface). As a rig this works brilliantly and is very common: i’s called a wind surfer. The point about the foil-tip stabilisimg float does just about creep out of the world of fantasy.



somehow when I think of “fantasies” - r/c sailng and Footies are the farthest thing from MY mind - warped that it may be ! :rolleyes: :wink: