rule bending again

we can’t change the rules, we must engineer around them.
so, why not use the ballast we have (since they’re so heavy), and put one of the battery pack’s cells in a custom bulb.
it could be machined alu. center with heavy metal tips, that thread in. like your maglite flaslights, or simple by using the appropriate sized tube, and silicone-bond (james’ brother), in pre-molded lead shapes.
the pic of wonder keel is a sketch, and is here:


Because of those lovely rules you’re trying to engineer your way around :slight_smile:

C.2 Batteries are restricted to 4 no. AA size batteries placed within the hull.

Keep 'em coming!

It says that batteries must be within the hull. The hull, as defined by ERS, does not include the keel.

Sorry!. Next!

A. :zbeer:

dam, i missed the hull part…back to the drawing board.

They used to put the batteries in the keels in some of the old solings and 1 meters, I’m told. The keel trunk/fun was thick enough that you could just drop the whole mess in there.

Nice try tho, but I don’t think you could get all 4 cells in there; maybe one of those special 6V or 12V cells maybe. You’d still need a good amount of lead to make up the weight.

Keep up the ideas!:graduate:

it was only for one of the cells, the rest would be in the hull.