Rudder T-Foils

Does anyone have any experience experimenting with T-foils on rudders–multi or mono?

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

i do, although at the moment it is more limited than if you were to talk to me about it in, say, a year.

i recently (last week) purchased “my new” Int. 14 (Bieker 3 design, built in '00) and it has a Paul Bieker designed rudder foil (for a picture see: actual time for me using it on the water is 6 hours. it is now pretty much the class norm to have one.

while not a true “lifting foil” such as in use by the moth class, this foil will of course provide lift. the angle of attack is adjustable, and the foil sections are assymetrical (in fact the underside has a concave hollow just behind the leading edge) paul’s research lead him to the belief that flattening out the stern wake was the more important than height of lift. the other bonuses are that upwind, hobby-horsing decreases (a big problem with such tall rigs) and downwind pitchpoling is less of a concern. i believe i have seen you on the 14 mailing list before, but in case you missed it, check out last year in the mailing list archives for in-depth photos of david luggs “fully foiled” 14 in WA. shows a vastly different approach to the issue. he was also highlighted in an edition of Seahorse magazine.

does this help…i dunno.


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Thanks ,Skiffy, when you can check out my other website: Some cool pix of hydrofoil monohulls including Dave Luggs I14 and the Moths as well as my experimental 16 footer…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing