Rudder Access Hatch Problem

While adjusting rudder linkages with the rear hatch removed, I found it difficult to replace the hatch. It came into 3 pieces: the hatch cover, the O-ring, and a circular, plastic ring piece, that sits in the hull opening, on a ledge. I tried to put them back, all loose, and all I managed was to shove the plastic ring into the hull. When I held the ring against the hatch, they fit well, and I could get the O-ring onto the edge, between the two pieces.

The question is, are the two plastic pieces supposed to be attached to each other (with glue) and the O-ring applied to them, or are all 3 pieces to be kept separate? I can’t get it together, if they are all loose. The o-ring will not fit the plastic ring if it just laid on top of it. Before I glue them together, I am asking for help. Thanks.

I believe the plastic circle should be glued to the underside of the round hatch cover. This forms a groove around the perimeter of the cover. You then fit the rubber o-ring seal into the groove. I used CA gel glue, when I assembled my SW kit. (I’m assuming the Ready Set is the same.) This usually makes for a very tight fit, when you reinstall the hatch cover. And makes it tricky to remove next time, but you want a good tight fit. Be sure to glue the plastic ring exactly lined up on the hatch. Spare round hatch parts are included in the SW7 spares kit, if I remember correctly. And it might help to lubricate the rubber seal before reinstalling. (Vaseline, or silicone grease, etc.) Rob Fresh

Yes the rudder hatch or lazarette cover is the same in all SeaWinds and the two plastic pieces should be glued carefully together so that the O-ring can be fitted into the resulting groove. I recommend lubrication with some type of petroleum based grease, such as Vaseline rather than silicone grease which tend to get everywhere and will prevent any attempt to clean to off for repainting should it be needed.