RT65 Race Tri - successful maiden voyage

Today I have maidened my 65cm trimaran - RT65 Race Tri.
Despite of nearly no wind - 2 - 3 knots at maximum the tri performs well and accelerates very quick. Below are some pictures of the maiden voyage and a short video clip I did by myself one handed while sailing the tri the other hand.

The link to the video clip is here:


Enjoy the pictures and the video clip.:zbeer:

OK, siri, can you post a picture proving the 65cm max length? That is overall length, BTW, not just hull length. The rigging on the swing rig needs to be inside the overall length. Once you do that, I can give you the official number 1 number.

Ok kzimmerman, here are the pics with the original rig you wanted. For the maiden I had one of my RG65 rigs on it as I had been waiting delivery of the polyester film to do the new one.
I guess I’m Sail No. One now.
Can you please send me a copy of the class rules and are there any 65M insignias already?

Good enough for me, you officially have the number 1 sail number. Can you PM me your full name, country, and e-mail? I’m gonna set up a database of everyone in the class worldwide.
There is no official class insignia, may I suggest we adopt the rg65 class insignia and simply put an M on the back? As you are the first to build one in the world, that we know of, I’ll let the honor of the class insignia fall to you.
The class rules are very simple. It’s a 65cm max length. No other rules.
Congradulations on a fine build and a great looking boat. Any ideas on a paint scheme yet?

Hi kzimmerman,
I have send you a pm.

I’m not thinking about the color scheme right now - I’m thinking about doing the moulds for a fiber glass version of the RT65 - it prooved to sail well, now I want to have nice sleek hulls as well. I will start as soon as I’m ready with the plugs for my larger tri and expect the fiber glass boat to be off the moulds in about 3 months.

nice looking set up…

What plans did you use to make the hulls. or is it a self designed

hi all,

i think the real 65 cm multihull was Peter Gernerts Deproni in Germany. Thi you could find some pictures in the german rg 65 forum. Maybe he should get the 1 (just a idea).


about the 65 insignia cubed…

“M” makes a bit more sense, since cats will emerge as well as trimarans.

JMHO of course

good point…

and proas, horizontally balasted monos, foiliers, three point hydroplanes, or even crazier stuff.
maybe rg65schizoid?

Sven, I think the deproni had a rudder sticking out past the transom, which is okay, as long as the total length was less than 65cm. That being the only rule, I’m gonna be pretty diligent about it, otherwise the concept of the class will fall into technical, rule mumbo jumbo that could kill the class. If it’s within the 65cm total length limit, I’ll be happy to register it. There could be others in the world too, and it would be impossible to find them all. I am basing the numbers on proof of what I see, and am trying to follow all the major english speaking sites that feature model sailboats on the lookout for new ones. I will try to fins the german rg65 site, could you post a link?

Sorry I wasn’t thinking “outside the box” been a rough weekend…

Hi Marc,
it is designed with the help of a friend who has done all the calculations for me. I’m drawing the final plans now and will publish them when I’m ready.

My suggestion for the class insignia is

to keep it simple and easy to recognize.:rolleyes:

I saw your other thread and I saw the plans.

I took the nightmare plans and scaled them down and printed out the shadows and stuck em to 1/32 ply… so the fun begins…

the RT is not a downscaled Nightmare, I also built the Nightmare MKVIII which is sailing very well. After this success I asked the Nightmare’s designer to calculate a 65cm Trimaran for me. It is also sailing well.
I’m drawing the plans in the moment - give me another two or three days to get them completed.
Have attached a pic for you with floats of the MKVII, the MKVIII and below the RT65. If you downscale the Nightmares your floats will have not enough volume.


I was thinking of making the floats/hull out of foam and then halving them and then laying up the glass in two hollow halves to make them lighter than the foam core floats…an extra step i know…

I never did consider the volume aspects…looks like you’re profile is about 20% taller forward of the forward cross beam…

Did you build a scaled down nightmare and is that how you found out of about the volume issue?

Whats you rig height from the deck…about a meter?


marc, may I suggest a couple of things?
one, the best way I’ve found to get rid of the foam inside is to dissolve it out with acetone.
two, you may not need to dissolve it out if you stick with a lightweight fiberglass. Use the foam as structural strength, and just coat it with .75 ounce glass cloth, maybe in two layers. Plenty strong enough. I’ve used that technique to build some footie hulls, and found they were lighter than thicker glass with the foam dissolved out, and stronger.
three, we welcome new skippers, but could you start your own build thread? We want to see everyones projects, hopefully it will start more interest. Myself, I’m gonna try to post some pictures of mine tonight, If I can figure out how.
Welcome to the m65 class!

Hi Marc,
I was thinking about downscaling but after simple weight calculations I did not do it. My MKVIII is 2,6kgs a downsized version to roughly half size has to weight 325grams then. This is very difficult to achieve. So I let the designer of the MKVIII do a 65cm Tri for me, the RT65 which weights 750grams.
My rig is 105cm above deck, I use a swing rig similar size to the RG65 but I will add some surface to the sails later.
I could send you the shadows if I had your email.



if you have them cadd that would great as well…