Routing Challenge

[COLOR=Black]This was received from the creators of the Virtual Volvo Race today.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black]Read and digest… you now know as much as me.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black]If this interests you at all then watch this space for more as it comes to hand.
Dear Virtual Skipper,
As previously announced, we are putting the final touch on our Routing Challenge –- which is scheduled to start on Thursday, May 28th.
This competition will take the participants along the course of the mythical New York City to San Francisco record race, and around Cape Horn!

What is the Routing Challenge?

We have taken the concept of virtual navigation to yet another level: in this race, your boat will automatically follow a course determined by waypoints that you have plotted in advance, all the way from the start to the finish lines.
The challenge will be for you to define the best possible route – the fastest route –- for your sailboat, based on its theoretical performance package and the expected wind conditions.
This is a great opportunity for you to brush up on your strategy and practice weather options in preparation for future races.

What kind of tools will be at your disposal?
First of all, no options. All skippers will be on equal footing!
• Waypoints: beacons that can be placed anywhere along the course of the chosen route. Every skipper will only have a limited number of waypoints – the same number for all participants.
• Weather: the wind factors will be predetermined, fully visible and will remain unchanged for the duration of the race, on its entire course.
• Automatic Pro Sails: the whole assortment of Pro Sails will be available to all skippers. In addition, the game engine will automatically manage sail changes, based on the wind direction and strength. Hence, the boat will always use the best available sail based on the particular conditions at that time.
Given the nature of this game, options are irrelevant and therefore not available. The game is free for all to enjoy.

The Routing Challenge Schedule
• Phase 1 – Waypoint setting period: from Thursday, May 28 at 10:00am (GMT+ 1) until Monday, June 1 at midnight (GMT+ 1). You will have 4 full days to evaluate the weather and plot your course with your waypoints. They can be changed and moved at any time, as many times as necessary, before midnight on June 1.
• Phase 2 – Computing of all routes. The game will be neutralized on Tuesday, June 2 at 00:01am (GMT+ 1). At that time, the game engine will start and race all the boats from start to finish according to their preset, defined routes, and will compute the rankings.
• Phase 3 – The results will be published starting on Tuesday, June 2 at 3:00pm (GMT+ 1). You will be able to see your course on the map, and the ranking of all other participants.

Registration time will be announced very shortly.
In the meantime, let’s discuss this exciting race on the Forums!!!
The Virtual Regatta Team

youre special. I never got that email…:slight_smile:

if you have link post it…

ahh not the VOR thing…a new program. sounds neat…one more thing to take me away form work…

I’m in and Signed up…

I have dropped waypoints all the way to the Cape, and it deletes all of them if I leave the computer for any length of time! How do you get them to stay put? I place, and click the check mark, and go to the next. :mad:

I placed all from NY to SF I am not using 5. so we’ll see what happens…when does this thing start.

We are just guessing on what teh winds are going to do right? or are ther displayed winds going to be the displayed winds…???

It looks like my route is staying put now. From what I read, the winds are going to be the same the entire time, what is shown. The game will “start” June 2nd I think, and the computer will run the whole thing in a few hours or so. Your entire course has to be selected before the start, and then you are locked out while the boast sail. Then we will have the results! I have used 18 marks, but don’t really know how the boats are going to sail between them. If one is dead upwind of another, I assume the boats will follow the optimum course to the next mark, and I don’t need to mark every tack or jibe. But who knows?

i re read the rules and i agree that the posted winds are the winds for the race. see I think that you have to put in your tacks… so I’m going to reeval my course and look at all the winds/speeds and directions a but closer…

well I’m in 1400 place. not too shabby…

boat name gatorsailer

Is that it ??? :confused:

It is all over in the twinkling of an eye.

I was placed 1896th. :party:

Sure you have to decide on the course to take but what a fizzer. :sleep1:
Never mind we restart the next leg of the Volvo soon so back to making some decisions then. :graduate:


based on the set winds, once you set your waypoints, you finish as fast as the computer can calculate it…

I was under the assumption that the waypoints were chosen to put you in the best wind strength and angle, and the boat would make it’s best course between them. Meaning that you could set one directly upwind of another and the computer would tack upwind to get there. I finished 1490 using that, but it looks like the winner set each tack and jibe point.

It is hard to tell, because the computer draws a direct line from waypoint to waypoint. They may compute your optimum upwind VMG and go directly upwind at that speed to the next waypoint.

Leg 8 starts Saturday. starts 30 min earlier than the VORg site.