Robert May

Thank you for validating my account, I am looking forawrd to meeting you all.

I am coming back to Model Yachting after 30+ years. I have a 1/6th scale build on the go at the moment, the cold weather since before Christmas has halted work on that till it is warm enough to get back into the Garage.

I have been very impressed with both the knowledge skills and atmosphere on display at RC Sailing and I hope I can be a good member of your group.

Best regards


Thank you for joining us. Sorry about the wait…

Thank you Chad

Good to see you here Robert. Look forward to your thoughts, ideas and opinions.


I’ll try to keep my opinions under control Dick. Promise!
I will keep the threads running on RCG and look for something new for my first thread here. In keeping with my “s” thought; 650mm waterline length, loa 1012mm, 1.27 Kg displacement- 1/13 scale of a Skerry Cruiser. I have started the thinking but there is nothing to post just yet.

Thank you for all your assistance getting me logged on. Its real good to see the photos I was missing out on. Claudio’s thread on his moulding technique is really very useful now I can see actual photos. I will have to find a suitable thread to introduce myself to Cladio. His quality of work is making me a little bit more self demanding (a good and positive thing)

I have been to see an " expanded foam man" today who has given me some things to try. I now have two RG65 Rip Tide hulls with a third variation starting tomorrow. No 2 is useable but it is not as accurate as I want it to be.