Robbe topcat?

Can anyone please tell me where I can find the Robbe Topcat?


I am not positive, but I think Robbe has stopped production on it. Many were sold in Europe - not too sure if even imported here in the US. Graupner also stopped production on the “Butterfly” which was a nice Mini40/F-48 sized trimaran.

<font color=“red”><u>BEACHBUM:</u></font id=“red”> Can you snoop around over there and see if the kits are still being produced and available?

If out of production, you might find one in a hobby store inventory somewhere.

There are two on ebay Germany.

I don’t know were you are from , but maybe there are some on ebay too…


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I have seen some Butterfly on the German ebay…they land sometime there.
This August; when I was back in Europe…I saw it…was nice…and impressive, at least for me…for a kit…it rocks.


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Here is the “Butterfly” by Graupner - photo and this boat belong to good friend from Norway - Ralf Reese. The boat is a good entry level boat - but I don’t recall seeing any in final standings at big regattas. Still - if you can find a decent priced one on eBay …

there you go:


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Thanks for the help guys. I am in the U.S. and I am bidding on the German Ebay on a topcat right now but that is the only one I have ever seen!

thanks again guys

Watch out for shipping charges !

I’m getting scared. The bidding is over 150,00. I have no idea what shipping would be and the seller is not getting back to me. Anybody know what a fair price is for one of these in US$???

Expect to pay about $1,500 (approx) for a ready to sail F-48 with radio gear. Possibly more - possibly less - all depends on how motivated the buyer might be.

For the Topcat - since it doesn’t have boards (has the small “Dart” style of hull) or a great racing pedigree - I wouldn’t bid more than about $500 - $700 (US) maximum. Also - in addition to shipping - be careful you aren’t bidding EURO dollars !

For around $800 or so - you might want to email Ian Sammis about some of the trimarans he is building/selling of the F-48 size.

For $800 I can sell you a set of female cured hulls–primed and painted, carbon rudders and daggers, carbon crossbars, and a carbon mast. Electronics=an additional $150, sail is $130. The cats I have been building lately are working extremely well. i am pleasantly surprised.

I ve just checked the German ebay…and there are 2 topcats:
THE PRICE IS IN EURO!!! not USD…as for shipping, its written only in Germany, maybe a mail could sort it out.

a few links about the topcat:


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Thanks again for all the links and the advice. After seeing the links on the Topcat, it seems like I’d have to make several drastic changes to the design to make it somewhat stable!
I got on this multi hull kick when I was down in San Diego and I saw one of the club guys with a homemade cat he made out of two 50" Victor hulls. He was able to fly the length of the pond in full control- amazing.

Ian, do you have a website or anything so that I can understand your products?



Robbes Topcat has its flaws, and I would put my money on Ians offer. Heck, for that price I would buy one just for the fun of it, but the shipping + taxes when shipped to Europe will probably exeed my investing capacity. Ofcourse if theres some Kind soul who will be coming to europe and can ship the boat inside EU, I am Game.

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cool pics of multihulls racing at

thanks for the link…NICE…a few weeks to go

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I wish i had a website but i do not. I can however email you tons of photos of my latest cat. Please send me your email address to


you can create a photo album at the msn rc sailing page

good idea. I’ll get started on that. I’ll let you all know when I am done.