RMG winch upping the range

i have heard of rmg winch’s being tweaked so they give a much greater range of pull at the same torque, any body know how to do this? i assume its changing the gearing to the control unit, i am not to worried about the lose in resolution this would produce.



This is not a commercial but my colleague and I are the major importers of RMG in the UK and can I offer some advice.

The changes you are talking about involve changes to the software as in the 280DL and 380HD both of which have extended travel with out reducing torque or resolution. May I suggest that if this is a requirement that you have that you purchase an appropriate winch. Alternatively you could return the winch to RMG and have an upgrade. Doing anything else will invalidate any warranty that exists on the winch.

Our details appear in the MYA Year Book please give either one of us a call and we will do our best to help