RMG 380HD Smartwinch

Hi folks,

Just thought I’d present my current dilemma here before I annoy Rob again.

Has anyone with a RMG 380 HD Smartwinch or any other Smartwinch for that matter, get stuck in a fluttering position?

I’ve restarted the winch prior to switching the TX (Radio ) on, vice versa and unplugging the winch unit from the RX (Receiver) etc…ect…all with a view that the winch would hopefully reset itself.

Unfortunately no - dice, and I’m still stuck with a fluttering Smartwinch, does anyone have any suggestions please??


Fluttering could be a symptom of an electrical power problem; either a weak battery or wiring problem such as thin wire, poor soldered joint or corroded switch etc.

When the power is weak, the winch goes to its fail safe point. Then if the power is ok, it will try to go to the selected position, but as soon as it tries to move, the power drops (due to the demand) and it goes back to fail safe. Hence the flutter