RM "Eclipse"

Hi there, I wonder if there is anyone out there in this ww jumble of wires who could help me?
I am trying to locate any details/ owners of the RM model “ECLIPSE” I think it was called an Amen Eclipse and was of a canoe type hull design (double ender, sharp end both sides?)lol.
Jokes aside any info would be much appreciated.

John Amen was a leading manufatuer of r/c boats and sails a few years back. Lately he has been focussing on full size sail making.

The name “Eclipse” was used for a series of Marbleheads that John designed in the 1980s and early 1990s. I beleive the series ended with either the Eclipse IV or V. Some of the later boats in the series were national and regional champions. John can be reached under the listing of “Amen Sails” in Petaluma, California.

To the best of my knowledge, John Amen never built a double ender in the Eclipse series. What you might be thinking of was an even earlier Marblehead built and designed by Tom Protheroe of San Diego, California called the “Epic”. This was a double ended M boat and was successful in the very early 1970s.

Hiya Roy
Thanx for the info, do you perhaps have any info on the Epic? Anybody that owns one, photographs etc. The reason being is used to have one but sold it when I emigrated to the UK and would like to get hold of one again. Any help would be appreciated.

Try contacting the AMYA Vintage Marblehead group. They might have some information and pictures. As to where to find one today, no easy answer. You might try posting a “boat wanted” post here, on Windpower and on the AMYA site. You never know what might be in someone’s attic. Good luck.