riviera sailboat

I’m new to sailing and bought a used boat to start with. It’s a riviera. Anyone heard of this boat or know who manufactured it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

look at the polish sites and at svensons,on the topic “just for plans”


It appears to be an molded kit. It has an old Tower Hobbies Astro 2 channel mounted in it. That led me to think maybe someone bought the two together from there. I contacted Tower and they didn’t remember the boat. Doesn’t mean they didn’t carry it no one could remember it though. I’ll know more when I have it in front of me. It’s in the process of being shipped now. If it turns out to be junk I’m only out $40 usd total. I figure a 2 channel radio would set me back that much so no loss. I gave $20 for the boat and the same on the radio. More info to come when I get it. I’ll even post a picture if it will help.

I recall seeing some ads for it. Probably late 1980’s early 1990s. Plastic and looks like a cruising sailboat with a deckhouse on it if I recall correctly. Will take a peek as some old magazines tonight and see if I find it.

For some reason, I think it was built by Ryobbe

Another just came up on e-bay for sale. You’re right about the look. It was made by Kyosho. Now I just have to hope it’s still rigged right or I can find an old instruction book.

Steve !

At least I got the “YO” part of the name right ![:D]

Sometimes things just work out. I received my boat today and inside the radio box was the kit instructions. Who ever owned this thing was way more organized than I am or he only owned one r/c kit. (Is that possible?) [:D] She has a couple of minor repairs to do and it’s off to the pond to try her out. If you’re interested I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Yes Steve, I for one am interested in what I missed some years ago. I chose to go into cars at that time instead of boats of any sort. I just wished I had returned to the water sooner.


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

The weather finally let me get my feet wet. Sailing is a blast! Had a few good runs and almost put the sails in the water a few times. I have some learning to do. The rudder is junk and ended up turning on its support shaft before the day was over. I think I’ll make one from wood so I can get a good bond on the rod. The one that’s on it is foam filled and just doesn’t hold up. The mast is a plastic piece of crap that needs to be thrown in the trash and replaced with anything other than what came with it. I would rate this thing as a “toy”. I’m ordering a Victoria today. I like the price and the fact you can tinker around a bit with it and still be class legal. Plus there’s a lot of building, hop up and tuning info on it. It should make a far better first serious yaht to learn on. I just hope this doesn’t turn out like the rest of my R/C hobby habits or I’m going to need a bigger house.

Nah… not a whole new house… just a new boat house in the back yard should be plenty. Good luck with the Victoria, everyone seems to be enjoying that boat, and it is immensely popular.

They had the Nats here in town for it this last year and if memory serves there were 31+ boats on the start line for one fleet race. Amazing.

Hello just p/u one of these myself,send photos? stevydvd@aol.com thx steve

Hello,did you ever find articles on the riviera? just p/u one myself and would like more info? thx steve stevydvd@aol.com