Riptide files and frames

Just read with interest the hull design discussion with multiple references to Riptide and how well she sails. The pic of Riptide II on the pond yacht web site has got me me very interested in building one. She looks great and it would be intereresting to sail a boat that is very well balanced.

Has anybody made a laser cut file for the frames? Is the original keel and rudder OK or is it better to update to more modern foils like the MKII version?

Best, Mitch

I’m not aware of any CAD versions of the frame shapes. As far as the fin goes, Ted Houk’s son, who built and sailed several, maintains that a thicker fin is better. The R/C versions replaced the skeg with a spade rudder.



Replying to your own post, a sure sign of age:-)

Anyhow, the original Rip Tide was cold-molded of 3 layers of 1/16" cedar. The hull shape is very difficult to strip plank; the plank at the waterline takes almost a 90 deg twist. The secret is to plank the floor with wide planks spiled until you get to the turn of the bilge, and then strip plank from there to the sheer. If I did one today I’d plank from the sheer down until the twist became difficult and then spile from there to the keel.



Thanks Earl, I just ran across the multiple builds of the Riptide on the Vintage site. I will probably plank with 1/8" balsa so planking will be much easier. I noticed that you mentioned that the original plans are becoming not to scale due to multiple copies being made. Do you have your updated lines or should I purchase from the Vintage site?

One of our members who own an industrial graphics shop took the distortion out of the original, so its best to order them from the site.



I scanned a paper copy of the Riptide lines that I got from Earl the USVMYG. I had planned to make a cold molded Riptide using veneer so I took @2 mm off each station outline. I had the stations laser cut but have not moved beyond that point (a Footy and getting married got in the way). I can send you a file with the modified lines if you are interested.

Thanks Dave, that would be great. Cold molded would look great with the planks on 45 bias.

Please send me what you have. If you have the dxf laser cut file send it too.

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