Ripstop Nylon

Does anyone know of a U.K. supplier for Ripstop nylon suitable for Fotty sails. Tried the web but all the sites shown were from the States. Kite shops in the U.K have proved to be far from helpfull. Help please. Bob


If you really want rip-stop nylon you could try highwayman Kites in hinckley - they certainly pass the helpfulness test

You would want their lightest kite nylon. I have visited them and had a guided tour of the materials.

in my humble view they are all tooooooo stiff and heavy, but then I have standardised on carrier bag sail material, as obtained from all well-known grocery stores in the UK, (but not for long)

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


i know theresa kite shop near me that does it called airbrorn kites did it and think there a a few stores around there is also quite a bit to choose from on ebay ;0)

There is IMHO only one rip-stop 32g per sqm called Icarus
it is a polyester with a mylar monofilament covering to both sides.
therefore it is 100% airtight and does not take water like nylon (2%)
Usually used for spinakers its not cheap, there again Footy sails are small.

Thanks for your replies and sugestions. Will let you know how I get on. If all else fails I will do my bit and recycle carrier bags. Many thanks Bob

AndyT has erred, I believe, but only to the extent of two letters

I think its Icarex, and discussed here - with a supplier



Found some very light Rip Stop from a company called Fabrics and Stuff. It looks light enough to be effective. Let you know how it perfoms, Bob