Rigging help please


I am rapidly approaching the rigging of my killer Footy - working title - NeoNao and am contemplating the rig to be employed.

Lateen would be appropriate, but square-rig much more authentic. Now should I go for small courses and aim for a tall rig - possible skysails on two masts and lateen driver on a jigger mast

I can see that I can use rigid masts, and fixed yards, and rotate the masts direct from a servo

Pic attached of NeoNao as moulded/molded - this is epoxy/twill cloth - 2 layers/finish cloth

looks pretty awesome, keep us posted on what you decide to go with!

Watch this space,

and look out for me on the downwind legs


We will - when you acually reach a downwind leg.



Andrew, how about a brigantine could get you to windward a little better, conventional sheeting on main and headsail(s) and a pivoting fore mast. It might be a bit ‘late period’ for the hull design though. Also have a look at Dhow rigs too, the hull could be either Arabian Gulf or Red Sea, though they normally have a bit more sheer. That would look authentic and they really go, up or downwind.

Thanks for the measured replies - I made it about 3 column mm.

While awaiting your response my muse struck me - from behind as usual - and I know what I will try.

Angus, your confidence in her downwind ability in no way makes up for your implied doubt about clawing off a lee mark.
I will study the effects of the recoil of scale carronades as a do NOT want to reduce my speed throught the water, and the bowchaser might have this effect.

I have built a boat stand, but the effects of cold water were severe

Muddauber - thanks for the thought.

I had been thinking along similar lines - lots of bowsprit, jibs, driver and bumkin and at least one rotating mast in a’tween. But two would be as simple as one - just silly in a little boat like this.

And I can think of no better reason to give it a try



You can not be serious if you think that a Squarerigger can compete in footy racing. I’m surprised at you

And all this clever word play, too

Andrew, I am surprised at your choice. Surely you will be using long bronze guns as bowchasers, the carronades should be left for pounding Moonshadow after the rig falls apart.

muddauber; you are of course classically correct

My reason for mentioning the bow carronades was a) supporting local industry
and B) I expect the Lord to lay the enemy close on my lee bow.

The long 9s will be mounted as sternchasers since I will prob need the range to reach Monshadow:D

Rig is coming together well - purely by chance it will be a brig rig, setting royals with 2 jibs (foresails) and a large driver

Now all I need is a miniservo winch to work the yards.

Please don’t tell Angus, but I intend to use a form of whipstaff, and we don’t want him too excited in the week of a footy meeting

Litefoot taking priority this week, and a storm rig for RAV for Saturday


For a historically accurate Footy of such significance I have decided to do this properly, so I have created a 30 inch scale model (300%) and a large device to try out the sail control geometry (and possibly have tested in a wind tunnel)

Please meet the bigbrigrigjig

The NeoNao is scheduled for completion after Razo revision, completion of Litefoot and before the next ice age