Rig Weight

Can some people give me an idea of what their USOM rigs weigh? I was looking at the USOM site(still waiting to get accepted, very exclusive group) and someone said his rig weighed 4 oz. I’m not sure if that includes sails. Mine with sails weighs 11!! and I thought it was about as light as possible. I used a carbon fishing rod blank for the mast and carbon arrow shafts for the booms. My sails are 3 mil mylar. Actually any class(except maybe Footy) would give me a rough idea of how heavy i am.

My IOM top rigs come out at 272gm. That’s just under 9.5oz in old money. This is with an 11.1mm, 9/16in mast and SailsEtc parts with 50 micron sails.