rig setup 3

rig setup case 3

you gone crazy with the red pen.

Could be the top panel seam has sretched, double sided tape has moved.

wis has gone crazy with the red ink again, call the harbor patrol now!!!

uh, sorry guys, I don’t quite get it. Is there something I missed in a prior post? Do the red lines represent stress lines in the sail? Please explain.

yes…, I ll wait a bit before answering myslef

To much forward mast bend?

I was thinking mast bend forward… But I would think the leech of the sail would be stressed and more horizontal stress lines towards the mid to the bottom of the sail. goes over to model and pulls mast forward[color=Black] Yep looks like too much forward mast bend.

I do enjoy these.

too much mastbend and to make it worst…mast was set too much aft (mast rake)