Rig Dimensions ("How big is yours?")

Hi all,

Anyone care to share some dimensions on their Footy una/mac/dunedin/equilibrium rigs?
Preferably luff, foot, and mast to pivot measurement as well as a description of the leach shapes that have worked for you.

I’ve seem some on the “master thread”, but would like to focus on the sizes/proportions that people think are working in different wind strengths. I read that some have built rigs with a huge 700mm luff, but is it really useful in the light stuff, if so then what is your mast to pivot dimension and the length of the foot for your “big” rig?

By next week I should be able to post some of my own data, as I have about 6 new rigs.

Lastly, are you guys using sheets of “floral” film, or using the pre-made bouquet wrappers? They’re two sheets, roughly triangular, joined on two sides. I cut one up last night, with three cuts, and one piece of tape I had a surprisingly good looking sail.