Ridged Wingsails airfoil sections

What airfoil sections are you using for R/C 48" hulls. Something like NACA 0012 and 0008???

Does anyone know where to look for AC45 wingsail spec’s or A class wingsail specs?

Need some ideas for my F 48.

I have searched the Class A cat sites, at least the ones I can find, and the Steve Clark video is the best I’ve been able to find.
He is using a NACA 0010 on the forward element but that looks a little thin for our size.




and a bunch more. Google "C Class Catamaran Championships 2013

Thanks again Dick! Maybe I could just download your whole computer??? LOL

After spending 4 hours last night on scoop.it and the Steve Clark video I will probably start with a NACA 0012 for the main element and a 0008 for the flap.
I’ll build a trial wing out of Balsa with some reinforcement and airplane cover film to start and go from there baring addition info before winter.
I will very interested Steve Clarks opinion after the C class Worlds Sept. 15.

Jim -

all my R/C sailing stuff is on a 1 TB external hard drive, and probably 5/8 full - but I haven’t looked recently. :rolleyes:

I’m kinda putting my bets on the Canadian guys (Magnus & Fredo) - but admit not having seen/heard much about the other challengers. Like the big AC event, hopefully all boats will hold together through the series.

Hi Dick,

I would have to back my home team :stuck_out_tongue: f Groupama skippered by Franck Cammas as he’s a hell of a sailor and he knows a thing or two about multis as he skippered Groupama 3 and their new green boat looks the business but being honest despite his extensive training in cats lately I’m not sure he’s on top of this new green machine as it is a different ball game altogether.

a bit like with the AC 72 LR lost more on lack of on the water time as their team work on board was not as sleek as the kiwis and that was reflected on Knots on the water but the boat itself was as everybit as quick as ETNZ I think (considering they developped the platform together) I think the key difference there was the crew. As for OR I think they boat is still too flexible and will loose pace on ETNZ - I did say a while back that ETNZ will win - time will tell but so far so good - though I’d say you’d have to back OR.

is it that obvious that I am French :rolleyes:

In any case it’s gonna be great to watch them race it out - can’t wait for the racing to start