rg65m build. Finally!

Ok, I had an Idea. I took some balsa into work with me when we had a fog delay, because I knew that I was only gonna have one class all day. So, I resized the plans for Ghost train, and was planning on building it on a 1/16th center, formers filled with foam. Cut out the keel piece, started thinking. An hour later, I had the deck cut out, the center piece with slots for the keel, mast step and rudder post. Four formers were cut, sides glued on. I used the deck outline like a template for the deck, the profile view for the shape, and am making a hard chine version, boxy, but I bet it will work fine. i don’t have a camera here, and the main hull is almost done, so I’ll post pics of it tonight.

Sounds like you are following the concept that Haegar has described being used in Germany. They were using Depron foam, but heck - whatever works.

Good for you. :zbeer:

Good luck for your build, I hope to see many 65M tris on the lakes soon.
Keep up the good work:zbeer:

Unfortunately, my build is stalled a little bit, as I can’t decide on how I want to build the outboard hulls. I started with balsa, didn’t like how it turned out, then started building with fan fold foam, didn’t like that. I am now thinking about building with foam, just carving and sanding to shape, then glassing them.