RG65 Sail Plan

Hi I have completed the hull and fitting out of my first RG65 (Flipper). Which sail plan has prooved most popular? The 62%/38% or the 70%/30%. I normaly sail IOM’s which are I belive 70/30. I have allowed for two mast position’s so tha is not a problem. Also regarding mast & boom fittings I have avery nice print from the WEB of the sails and boom fitting of RG65 253. It looks like he is using a Micro Magic Kicker assy is this normal?

As advised by some helpful members after my last post I am using a 6mm C/F unstayed mast. I make my own sails so I can try any combination.

I sail at small lake on Dartmoor in Devon U/K

Thanks for your help.


Apart from minor trimming, I would guess there isn’t much to choose between either. In fact someone’s threatened a 100%/0% rig. Just keep it within the 2,250 square cm limit. It’s a development class after all and new ideas are welcome.

Does anyone have a PDF of the sail profile for a “fat top” or “flat top” main?

If not a profile view - how about dimensions?

Thought I would ask before hitting the drawing board (old school - not CAD) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Dick:

I think this is what you call “fat top” sail.

Hi Maximo -

yes, those are what I was looking for. Do you know if there are any dimensions posted anywhere?

What I would like are the following:

Luff dimension
Foot Dimension
Head board Dimension

Foot Dimension
Luff Dimension

With those, I can go from there… or do any of the posted free plans include a similar sail and it’s dimensions? I can probably scale the photograph if I had to, but if the actual numbers are available, I would like to obtain them if possible.

Thank you


Hi Dick

I have drawings of two sail plans one set at 70/30% and one at 62/38%.

If I can find away of scaning them and also how to post a picture I will send them.

I have used 70/30 as my first sail and my boat flew. One point if you are use to sailing IOM or bigger boats get new glasses. The RG65 gets very small at the end of the lake.



Thanks for your offer. If you can scan to a PDF that would be great - otherwise, and kind of scan format I will probably be able to find a reader - or already have one… jpeg, tiff, dwg, dxf, pdf … you name it.

As for size, I have been used to 1 Meter boats and in the case of my big multihull - it’s 48" x 48" (1.2 meters) and very hard to miss when on the lake. I’m thinking it should be a “hoot” - as the FOOTY was just too small.

In worst case, I can reimburse you for a mailed photocopy. (or even a newspaper pattern)

Hi All

I have scaned the sail plans which I hope I can attach. One point to note I found the luff allowance of 15mm to much and reduced mine to 10mm I build my sails on a former which adds some fullness which I find is correct for IOM’s. But could be to much for RG65.

If these are not clear I could E-Mail as an attachment

Good Sailmaking


Thanks John - that will work. We have alarge format scanner/copier and perhaps I can get to it and increase by percent so drawings are to scale.

If not - I’ve got a ruler and straight edge ! :smiley:

I can provide you with a Sailcut-file of the squarehead-sailplan I am using with my Laerke65 …

The file contains the data for an A-main and jib as well as a B-main, which I am using together with the A-jib.

You can vary the design by using differnet moulds.

The design is made for a more or less straight mast, it don’t like to much bending of the mast.
The luff curve is only a hint, in reality I fix the sail on the table, bring in a nice shape by lifing the clew. Then I cut the luff as a straight line.

sorry, I tried to add a picture of my boat. It failed…

Second try

Hello, from Basel, Switzerland.
If you are looking for some alternative sail plans, you could look at
as many of the hull designs also have sail plans. I started with the Fat Head ( rounded rather than square ) design that can be found with the ‘Sea Bug’ and then modified it ( thank you Rainer ) for my newly completed Laerke 65. I’m afraid my single panelled first venture in sailmaking is not the success I was hoping for ! I think the addition of some redesigned corner reinforcement to prevent radial creasies and seams to add correct camber will ‘do the business’.

For those of you who are interested, here are some pictures of the Laerke hull and modified Sea Bug Swing Rig, I meant to include in my last reply. The hatch cover is making use of the very light and internationally available Kraft Philadelphia creme cheese lid. I have teasted it’s water resistance by sailing under a fountain and all was bone dry inside. The next test will be a total knockdown situation!

Nice looking boat, Phil. It will be interesting to see how well a down-sized IOM design performs against other designs.

Nice job !


Hi Dick:

The sail plan of the JIF65 are down-sized of the “A” IOM rig.

Hi Maximo -

I didn’t know that. Thanks for the information… on behalf of all of us.