RG65 MicroMagic

While browsing, I came across the German MicroMagic site with shadows for the boat http://www.mm-sailing.de/mm-hp/boot/riss-g.gif Any ideas on how a slightly (22.5% approx) scaled up version would sail? stretched only lengthwise or overall?

I feel the micro magic shape is too wide… It’s fine when the wind is light, but it suffers in case of gust or facing waves.


Hi Martin -

might be a fun design experiment - add a hard chine for the aft 1/2 or the hull right at the waterline. This would give a tremendous amount of initial stability and also aid in making the boat less “tender” when the wind blows.

Just modify the stern hull bottom to be a bit more flat, and work into a rounded bottom as you move forward. Without trying, I would thin a flatter bottom behind the keel and more rounded at the keel and forward.

As noted, just a thought - one would have to test to see any performance improvements.

Cheers, Dick

Hi Martin,
may be that is will an experiment. But a god… ???
Two ways you can try scale the plan 22,5 % or stratch only the lengs up tu 65 cm.

WIESEL is buildin a MM as RG65 here.

And here another “experiment” MM plus

But WIESEL dit write, that the MM as RG is no well swimming. The CRAZY TUBE TOO is going better (wide is smaller)

WIESEL is building a CRAZY TUBE TOO here

Well, often we scale IOM boats down 65 %. I think, that this way is good, but 1/2 M class yacht is better (My opinion ).
In the last time any builder contruts boats with freeship ( I can no work CAD)

New is the R46. A professionally modellboat. All carbon. So the price is very high.

Two boats will drive on German Championchips. Arjan is a very good sailor an he build the R46 only small modyfiings.


Ulli, that German RG65 site is very good, although I wish I could understand German better. There are a lot of very interesting and beautifully made boats.

I translate often with google translator.


If you get stuck on a nautical term, go to:


and select 1) the language pair (e.g. German to English)) in the left hand menus and then “Maritime = Ships” in the right hand menus.



Well, if I wish to know details I must make special translate.

WIESEL did build this RG with a swing rigg.
Here ist the google translate


have a look here

Kalle Saage has built a RG based on modified MM lines some time ago.