RG65 Keels, Rudders and Bulbs

Is there anybody in the US making these parts for sale?
PLEASE don’t suggest a certain boats parts, sounds like df.

i know this one guy… but he farts alot…

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If I were draw up a pros/cons diagram. The pros far outweigh the cons…

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But I’m still looking for someone much more talented than me to make keels.

There is a guy in Texas, all I can think of is his first name, Eric. This ad is from Brighton Boat works.

Nope. He quit. try and order. not available.

ERC = Eric Rosembaum (write to ericr367@yahoo.com)
https://www.atomikrc.com/collections/rc-sailboat-parts has part for several sailboats… just look for dimensions/weight you need.

Eric was previous RG65 Class Secretary - who has resigned from that position. Just an FYI

There is also Rood ARS, he manufactures both IOM and RG 65 hulls, rudders, keels and bulbs.

Eric or Brighton ?

Here is a place in Europe. Makes some beautiful Rg65


david creed as well