RG65 in the UK

Another honourable mention for the RG65 class in the Sail Free column of April’s Marine Modelling International

As well as advertising the Worlds and the rules update on sail numbering, Chris Jackson also mentioned the fleet at Kingsbury Water Park.

There are currently 5 boats, with usually 4 on the water racing - 3 Pumas/JIF2s, a JIF65 and my one off Mini IOM, with a couple more being built. I will try and get some photos of everybody on the water next time I’m down.

The club’s location and contact details as well as the date of the next sailing regatta can be found on the website. http://www.kwpmbc.co.uk/

I like the idea of a carbon fin for my next RG65, and as well as the Sailsetc fin it’s suggested that Dave Creed may be moulding one. Quite a lot of UK IOMs use his foils (inc my current project) and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with.


Hi UK RG65 sailors
For those of you thinking of building an RG65 I can thoroughly recommend this French site with plenty of excellent plans : http://rg65.free.fr/start.php
If any one is particularly interested in building a balsa or ply chined hull the SeaBug is still very competitive in Germany and Switzerland.
For those wishing to make a plug and mould a hull there are very up to date designs such as Coriolis and NewNip which are as quick as they get at the moment
When it comes to supplying specialist RG65 bit and pieces, I think you’d struggle to better what’s available by mail order at : http://www.rc-station.de and www.rt-sails.de
I hope this helps
Regards from an expat

We are now up to 7 boats at Kingsbury, still mostly PJSails Pumas(Jif2s) and Jif65s but with a Rogue and a couple of Laerkes in the pipeline.

The racing is fairly close with consistency paying of in the light winds conditions we sometimes have. The Jif65 may not be seen as that competitive elsewhere but two have come top at the last couple of regattas.

If anybody feels like joining us contact details for the class here: http://www.mya-uk-forum.org.uk/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?2540.last

The next regatta is on the 8th August