RG65 in Ireland

We are currently building up to four models based on the Racing Sparrow RG65 plans.

The plan is to have the boats on the water by latest January and try to attract some new members to our club. We chose the RG65 because it offers a relatively good low cost entry alternative to the IOMs we have been sailing previously.

Our plan is to try and get sufficient numbers together so that we can register the class.

If anyone out there in Ireland has some interest then please don’t hesitate to contact me - the more the merrier.

We’d also love to head over to our friends at Kingsbury Park, after some practice (!!), and consider starting an RG65 Triple Crown series!!

Its always good to hear of the class getting off the ground in other countries. There haven’t been many reports, if any, of how the Racing Sparrow sails in it’s RG65 guise and it’d be interesting to find out. Maybe 4 boats doesn’t yet warrant a Class Association, but http://www.rg65.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=29&sid=44ca5279104792a53dbe8c7daf7a5bed is always interested on keeping tabs on new fleets.