RG65 Hull Designs?

My question …" Is the RG65 a small Marblehead, a large FOOTY, a slightly shrunken IOM, or none of these"? :scared:

In other words what is the design philosophy to be used. :confused:
Should I be scaling down a “Crazy Tube II” or scaling up an “Akela,”

Perhaps I should just choose one of the current successful RG65 designs and be done with it.?

Your thoughts gentlemen.:graduate:

from my limited knowledge of the class i would say that they are beasts of their own… but, that is coming from someone who will design a new boat at any possible chance… :wink:

Most of the boats look more "M"ish than Footies, though a couple of designs are scaled down IOM’s, probably because lines were available on the Net. The Akela concept with regards to weight looks a good route to follow.

here in Germany we are seeing a development away from the pure scaling of IOMs towards the modification of 50% sized M-Boats.

I think, the truth will be somewhere in the middle between scaled IOMs and scaled Ms

@Ian: Have look at the German RCN-Forum. There is a report on the building of a “small”, modified Crazy Tube (http://www.rc-network.de/forum/showthread.php?t=90061)

Coming from a pure logic perspective, wouldn’t it be best to start with a class that has relatively proportional SA’s, Displacement and LOA/LWL, as compared to the RG65’s. That way the hull is designed for similar parameters. Just my $.02

Joachim, thanks for the link mate, I have had a good look at what is going on there and it is most fascinating.
There are some very clever modelers out there.
It seems every thing that I can dream up has already been tried by someone, somewhere in the world.
Isn`t it wonderful that through the internet we can be made aware of some of these clever buggers and their experiments.
I am mostly just a dreamer but I have great admiration for those that get on and build their dreams.
“More power to their elbow.” :lol: ( english saying meaning, “best wishes to those that do”)