RG65 Articles for AMYA Issue #165

Issue #165 of Model Yachting Magazine will be out in the Fall, and it will feature the RG65 class. The Editor is looking for article submissions for this issue, and they could include building techniques and ideas, rigging designs and construction, club activities and adoption of the Class, etc.

If you are interested in writing an article, please let me know. I will send you a couple of files that will help in submitting an article. They give guidelines on photo resolution and similar parameters that will make it much more likely that your article will get published.

The submission deadline is in approximately 10 weeks - on May 6th.

So please step up! Have some fun and help your fellow enthusiasts build and sail better boats.

Eric Rosenbaum

look at this. due date is almost here and not one reply.

Eric, I had mistakenly thought that several folks were working on articles for this. But since I have built 2 and am working on another, I will try an get something put together for you.


Please give me a call before you get started. Time is very short, and there are several people already writing articles on a variety of topics. No sense duplicating the effort.