RG Sailing Los Angles Area

LBMYC club racing RGs once a month at Hansen Dam. Come on out and sail !!!

Here is a link to LBMYC


only an observation of your posted photos - Sail number one (1) was originally assigned by the class to Earl Boebert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unless Earl attended, you may want to assure the local guys are getting their sail numbers through the class association. Of course if not AMYA members, not much can be done to prevent confusion. Assume it may be temporary number, as the RG Class logo isn’t on the sail either. Not being picky, just an educational effort.

Regards, Dick

Good eye ! Jim Linville sailed with us last December and that was one of about half a dozen RG-65s he brought and let our club sail. So no Earl, just Earls boat !!!:smile3: