RG-65's for SALE

Post Retracted

Hi Brian -

while it may well fit within the RG Forums (for RG sailors) we are trying to steer all “Sales by Owner” - or “Parts by Owner” to the “Classified” section of the forum. You can post there, there is no cost and it keeps the forums clean and for discussion only. Obviously if a 3rd. party and posting about a source of supplies as a response to a forum post request, we don’t watch as closely.

Just a reminder, as I’ve had several emails asking to remind sellers to use the classified areas. I appreciate all co-operation on this issue - as will other readers. Thanks in advance

Dick Lemke - moderator

Sorry about that…Didn’t quite know the protocol.


Not a problem. Gives us moderators something to do now and then - and also opportunity to provide a reminder for new readers.

No Harm, No Foul !