RG-65 Regatta-Los Angeles Area

[b]LBMYC will host a RG-65 One Day Regatta at Hansen Dam Rec Area in Lake View Terrace, California. North East of LA, intersection of 118 and 210, on Saturday December 18, 2010.

Currently 6 sailors entered and two to three others possible.

I know there are other RG-65 sailors in Region 6 and hope some of you will attend so we can promote this class in the far west.

I know this is a late notice but we have just
decided based upon Jim Linville’s visit to Southern Cal after the Nationals.[/b]

LBMYC Has been authorized to hold the Region 6 Championship for RG-65s
at Hansen on Dec 18th.

To date six boats, hoping for at least two more.

Jim Linivlle Cobra
Manny D Cobra
Larry Grant Cobra
Ernie Thorpe Laertre
Ron Thornhill Blue Spash
??? Another Avaiable RG-65 for first to apply to borrow
??? Likely San Diego RG-65
??? Possible San Diego RG-65