RG 65 design posts

I invite all peoples interested on RG 65 to participate in the posts about RG 65 design in:


Will be a series of posts about RG 65 design.

All peoples will be welcome.

Data, questions, doubts, divergences, are welcome.



Thanks Fred,

I will check it out. Your recent entries on using Freeship to design a boat are very interesting.


Hi Fred
As an end user of the program i was thrown into using it.
I am now cutting my 3rd RG65 plug on my CNC router from drawings done with freeship and delpship by other people.
not very user friendly from my end so far…
Lots of questions here. I’ll be watching closely.
Thanks for doing this !

I am a bit disappointed to see yet another website with RG-65 plans. Any reason why they could not be included within the site of the original “central location” for RG65 plans ?

http://rg65.free.fr/start.php or … perhaps bring them to your site? When new owner/builder/sailors are looking for plans - it is nice to have a single source or location.

Just a suggestion.

Dick USA # 05 (RG-65)

Hi Dick
It is my understanding this is a place to “learn” the design program.

While the French site does hava a lot of plans, it makes no claims that it covers all or has any official status. My latest boat, a mini Riptide, for instance isn’t listed. Fred’s aim is I think to open a discussion on what and why is the ideal hull form for the class.

Martin & Craig -

sorry - it wasn’t the way I read the post. I’ll have to take some time and perhaps I will find out how to print “buttocks” lines and only a “few” station templates.

Martin - if you have the lines for RipTide, do you plan to save to the “plans website”? I just hate to see so many different web sites where information is shared - but you can’t remember where you saw it. Ideally (a suggestion) some of this really belongs on the INTERNATIONAL RG65 Forum/site. I do like “one-stop” shopping.

The Riptide lines are on http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14123203&postcount=22

Martin -

thanks for the link.

I have a set of lines for the Marblehead “WIND” that I had reduced to 36 inches. Was my first “plank” construction, and while a bit heavy, it is still a fun boat to sail. Photos are of the boat using a 600 sq. in. sail area

Sorry for not reply sooner but doing the posts takes a long time. i will try to answer all generally.
These post follows the line of my blog - Design accessible to all.
I am not doing a RG 65 plan, it is a consequence of the desire to discuss in the blog, with people from around the world, all aspects related to the design of a RG 65. What is the data that we have, what is the consequences in doing this or that, rather than generic, but mathematically and running in the drawing .
it’s an opportunity to learn, exchange ideas with people around the world, be they curious or technical.
These posts could become an experience of brotherhood of all people, between people who like to talk, learn and teach, about something in common, in this case RG 65.
As I say in my first post,

" Will be a series of posts about RG 65 design.

All peoples will be welcome.

Data, questions, doubts, divergences, are welcome."

Logically I need explain the Freeship use because I do not want that the lack of use freeship is an obstacle.

i thank everyone here at this thread, with some already exchanged emails and i deeply honor it, because i was always very well attended.

i’m waiting for you with your questions, doubts, disagreements, agreements, teachings, etc.

Let’s talk about the design of a rg 65?

Dick, surely you’re right, let’s put all the plans there. This i am doing so open, i do not think will be very good, because it’s my first RG 65 project, but if it is reasonable i’ll put there.

And it would be funny if it were several designers from the same project, just join, all we will do a joint project.

Thanks to Eric, Craig, Dick and Martin

Frederico - May I only suggest that discussion about RG65 design take place in the RG65 forum/topics here - or at the international RG65 forum where most of us interested in the RG class go to find or share information. There would be little reason for an RG sailor to visit a site called the “IOM Design” site.

There is room here, and the site owner welcomes new posts in the correct forums. Basically, if you want to discuss RG65 design, it really should be on an RG forum. If you set up yet another RG65 site, you may find many who might discuss the class and design may not join in. Keep in mind, that for us here in the U.S. - we virtually knew very little (nothing ?) about the class until Brett McCormack made the posts and introduced us to the class, the designs, and the history. I would credit him (even if he is from down-under :p) with getting the class started with information here in the United States. We took it from there and promoted within, and of course Maximo Lange was very helpful in answering many of our questions as we started the class.

Now we (the US) have a lot of knowledge spread among many sailors, and we see people coming here and to the US RG65 site on Yahoo to ask questions and get answers. Why not make use of the large group of subscribers who already use this site? Without the many from South America, and France and Spain, who got us going in the right direction, we would not have the class we now have.

With regards, Dick Lemke

USA # 05 RG65

Dick, I am in RC since july 2009. I am a retired naval architect (67 years old) and worked in big ships fifteen years, 14.000 tdw to 26500 tdw cargo ships and bulkcarriers. After, I do a shipyard and design and build motor boats and trawlers from 12’ to 60’ and also I was teacher in a school that taught fluvial boats design. And with the age I was retired, but I love boat design. When I found the RC sailboats in one YouTube vídeo the old passion comes back, was a Brazilian IOM Anual Championship video, and i started well in the IOM and i have done two projects that are navigating. More later I found the RG 65 and the Footy, but when I started my Braziliam blog and more latter the blog in English really the main focus was to IOM, but now I have 2 IOM, two Footy - Pool Shark 3D - from Chris Staiger - and Carcara my first Footy design that I do in home vaccum forming, (see my other blog - http://footybrasil.wordpress.com/) alias, i became registrar of footy here in Brazil and now is time for RG 65. My Blog from IOM - design accesible to all - change to - IOM, RG 65 & Footy - Design accessible to all, but the blog adress do not change.
The work that I’m doing in the blog can not be done here. Have you been on the blog and saw?
Sorry for the inconvenience