RG-65 Bench mark hull ?

What rg65 hull design would be considered athe bench mark to compare to ?

IOMS have the Brit Pop and US1Ms have the Venom.

Would Pedeo Stiers Skinny be the boat to beat ?

Pedro Stier’s Skinny it is!! Absolutely positive.

World wide ?
Snot a common boat here in the U.S. Starting to see more, but also see a lot of boats designed in Europe.

little best or the goth XP possibly

Don’t agree - Little Best was designed by Paulo Stier and sailed by pedro Stier before he developed the Skinny.
We also had some Goth XPs round here some years ago - was also slower than the Skinny in general.

In this weekend’s Southamerican RG65 Championship, from 15 top places, winner was Argon (Graham Bantock), second a Skinny (Pedro Stier) and third a Stinger (also Pedro Stier). Most of the half-top of the fleet were also Skinny. Will add link to results when they are officially available.

Thomas Armstorng


i was thinking US… as the skinny is popular but a bit $$$ Iknow at last years NCR in VA a little best won by a lot, with skinny 2, pakinto 3 and esterel 4…

a good skipper can a make a shoe box look fast…

Look at the attached results for this weekend Southamerican Championship… Too many Skinny’s at the top - can’t be just about skippers…


I don’t disagree about the skinny being a fast a boat…if I had a couple grand to throw down on a complete boat and pray to god that my wife never found out. I’d have one…

Heck there might be more skinny’s sailing in that particular event, than what exist in the USA…

The Skinny looks like a great boat. Looking forward to,seeing one in person soon. The fleet in Chili was almost a one design race.
I’ve been sailing a Viperfish. Wish I was a builder, I’m not, so either lookng for a builder or a rts boat.