Reversing Crystals

I have a question for the radio frequency gurus on here. Over here in the club I’m with most of us use 29mhz AM sets. On occasions we have reversed crystals(receiver into transmitter and vice versa) and the radio still works.
The problem is we have know idea what channel doing this would then have you on.
Could anybody on here offer some asistance here?



Reversing the TX and RX xtals is NOT a good idea.

The Radio Spectrum allowed for RC models is very tightly controlled in all countries of the World.

Here in the UK, some fishermen were caught useing model boats to drop Bait into the water, not illegal in its self, but they were useing a Freq reserved for AIRCRAFT !!.
They were arrested, found guilty, Fined ?2000 each and ALL their gear was destroyed.
They were clearly not useing the correct Freqs for model boats.

Changing the Xtals about, could place you in much the same position.
The Tx Xtal, differs from the Rx one, by 455kcs,
this is known as the Intermediate Frequency and is a vital part of the Radio.
Changing this Freq can seriously affect the operation of the Radio.

The resulting Tx Freq could well be OUTSIDE of your allocated Band and you could end up in trouble with the Law.
The Range of the radio can also be greatly reduced, because the radio has been designed and built to suit the correct Xtals.
Some Xtals have a moulded case fitted to them, to prevent changing them, Tx only fitting Tx and vise versa.

If the Xtals were changed and you were “lucky” enough to stay within the allocated band, you would NOT know what Freq you were Tx ing on, until one of your “ex friends” came along!! and explained it to you !.
Xtals are MUCH cheaper than a Court case and a heavy Fine.

manufacturers spend lots of money in designing,research and development of these would seem insane to do such aside from risking damage to the equipment

The most harsh penalty I have ever heard of was asking someone to leave an event, or flying field.

some info on tx/rx