Returning To Sail

It has been way too long since I enjoyed a day by the water piloting an R/C sailboat.

I was a member of a model yacht club and we had many years of fun sailing Marbleheads all over the Pacific Northwest.

Fast forward to the other side of the country (Toronto, Ontario area) retirement, leisure time, honey do lists, and more aches and pains than I can count, and it is time to get back on the water again.

I have an opportunity to acquire a already built mini 12 boat so that I can get on the water, but my ultimate goal is to build my own boat, probably an IOM or a 10R.

I am looking forward to much reading and learning here.



Welcome Tom

funny how we just can’t shake the enjoyment of sailing !!

Looking forward to hear/see what you wind up with (R/C wise)


Thanks Dick … I will be sure to post when I get to it.


I have had this M12 now for a couple of weeks. I am doing a quick refurb to get ready for the fast approaching racing season.

The mini12 is an interesting breed … 45" long, min weight is 16ib and it has an old style keel and rudder so that it doesn’t get fouled in the weeds. The main rig is a soling 1mtr. They are fairly wet whilst sailing.

I have fixed up a couple of old war wounds and will give her a new paint job.

I also have a set of laser cut frames on the way for a 78" “Rainbow” America’s cup boat.



Hi Dick,first welcome here,you should have a lot of fun with your big america’s cup sailboat.I built an 150cm ac boat and it’s so funny and easier to sail it especially when you let it going far and when there is a lot of wind.Would you tell us where are you located please? cheers Gilles B.

Hi Gilles,

I updated my profile but I am from Lindsay, Ontario. My frames are coming fom a Montral firm and should be here in a couple of days. Can’t wait.