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I’m going to bump the thread PRETTY WOMANPART 2INT. VIVIAN’S APARTMENT - KITCHENVivian pulls a coffee can off a shelf. She pulls off the top.It’s empty. She tosses the can away, starts for the door. Sheopens it.INT. APARTMENT HALLWAY - NIGHTDown the hallway, the landlord is standing in front of his opendoorway, talking to a FAT WOMAN. They both glance up.Vivian quickly closes the door. She doesn’t want to deal withthem.EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING - NIGHTVivian comes off the fire escape onto the sidewalk. She hurriedaway.EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - NIGHTVivian walks along, urgently looking for something… someone.A BABBLING STREET-TYPE goes by happily talking to himself.He wears an “I Love Hollywood” t-shirt.Vivian passes TOURISTS but doesn’t notice them any more thanshe pays attention to the VAGRANT she passes further on, huddlein a doorway.A LONG-HAIRED KID on a SKATEBOARD goes by dropping off little bags to various STREET-TYPES.A BARKER-TYPE stands in front of a photo store urging touriststo come in and take a photo with a cardboard cut-out of a moviestar. Some go in.Vivian hurries past a group of rubbernecking JAPANESE TOURISTS.A BLACK PROSTITUTE in a mini skirt strolls toward her. A carpasses. The DRIVER stares at Vivian with interest. She ignoreshim. The black prostitute approaches the car.PROSTITUTEHey, baby, you lookin’ for a date?The Driver looks her over. The Black Prostitute gets in thecar and it drives away.A GROUP OF MEN, mostly drug dealers, hang out at an all nightcoffee shop. They WHISTLE and make obscene gestures and SOUNDSas Vivian hurries by. She ignores them and goes next door intoa falafel stand. Half a dozen PEOPLE sit at dirty tables inside.INT. FALAFEL STAND - NIGHTBehind the counter are a MAN and a WOMAN, Vietnamese cooksfrying food, trying to ignore the unsavory crowd camped in theshop.VIVIANChan, you seen Kit tonight?COOK 1Hi, hi! No see nothing.VIVIANYou do, tell her I’m looking for her.COOK 2Looking good, bay-bee.VIVIANYeah, you too, D’Nai. If Kitcomes in here, tell her stay.Both of them nod and smile at Vivian. Vivian exits.EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - NIGHTSkateboard zips by a GROUP. We SEE a police car parked at theentrance to an alcove. Also, an ambulance. The bubblegumlights are going. A CROWD has gathered. The happy man withthe “I Love Hollywood” t-shirt and a POLICE OFFICER are engaged in tense conversation.COPThey just pulled her out of adumpster in the back. Now talkto me.MANI tell you, man, I don’t know whoshe hang with.COPShe have a pimp?MANCocaine her pimp, man. She astrawberry. She be out on thesestreets, day in, day out, tradin’her sorry ass for crack. Andnow she dead from it.Vivian rushes up to join the outskirts of the crowd as the bodyof a YOUNG GIRL is pulled out of an open dumpster and carriedtowards the waiting ambulance. For a moment Vivian thinksit’s… no, Vivian turns grimly away.Vivian surveys the dark street. And suddenly sees who’s she’slooking for. Walks.EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - WIG SHOP - NIGHTWe SEE a young, tough-looking MAN and WOMAN trying on wigs.The STOREKEEPER is a man wearing a dress and wild wig. Thegirl, KIT, is around 18, is dark haired and thin. The youngman, CARLOS, has his arm sloppily draped across Kit’s shoulder.They giggle about something, both obviously high. Kit looksup, bleary-eyed. She stops. Vivian is standing in front of her.VIVIANYou spent it on drugs, didn’t you?KITHi, Viv. Carlos, you know myroommate, Viv.CARLOSLookin’ good, baby.VIVIAN(ignoring him)Did you blow it all, Kit? Is itall gone?KITCarlos had some great rock.VIVIANI bet.(beat)That was our rent!Carlos attempts to put an arm around Vivian’s shoulders.CARLOSCalm down, Chica.Vivian throws him off.CARLOSEy! What is it you wan’, baby?I can fix you up.VIVIANBeat it, scum bucket!CARLOSYou kiss your mother with thatmouth? Your frien’ still owesme 200.VIVIAN(to Kit)Let’s go.Skateboard appears suddenly, blocking Vivian and Kit’s path.VIVIANGet out of my face or I’ll havethose cops on your ass in twoseconds.Carlos glares at her. He looks down toward the lights of thecop cars. One of the POLICEMEN looks towards them, curiously.Vivian waves at the cop.CARLOS(threatening to Vivian)Don’t take no dates tonight,chica, you got one with me.Vivian grabs Kit by the arm and pulls her across the Boulevard.INT. FALAFEL STAND - NIGHTVivian and Kit sit at a table sipping tea. Vivian is still mad at her.VIVIANWe worked for that money. Wewere gonna put together enoughto get out of that dump we livein, get off this street.KITViv… don’t be stupid. We’rewhores.Vivian looks like she wants to weep. Or scream. She doesneither. She slowly nods. Kit’s sorry she said that.KIT (cont’d)So I blew our stash. We couldmake it all back with one goodnight on the streets.VIVIANI just saw somebody pulled outof a dumpster. I wonder how muchshe made tonight?KITDon’t be mad at me. I’ll payyou back. I promise.VIVIANI thought you were giving up thatdrug shit.KITI will. I’m trying.(a beat)Meanwhile I got some crack left,you wanna get high?VIVIANNo, let’s go to work. Okay?KITOkay.(then touches her hand)I’m sorry I said your dream wasstupid.EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - NIGHTEdward’s Ferrari turns onto Hollywood Blvd., finally out ofthe Hollywood Hills.EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - NIGHTVivian and Kit are out trying to hustle John’s in passing cars.Vivian strikes a sexy pose at the bus stop. Kit is talking toanother prostitute, RACHEL.KITNo no, honey. You see thesestars on the sidewalk. Me andVivian work from Don Ameche allthe way up to Roy Rogers.This is our office. We gotseniority. Get off our corner.RACHELI was just taking a rest here.Besides, she’s new.(points to Vivian)KITBut I’m old. Go rest up by MontyHall or Debra Paget where youbelong.Rachel walks off.VIVIAN(looks at passing cars)Looks slow tonight.KITMaybe we should get a pimp.Carlos likes you and --VIVIANForget it. We work for it. Wekeep it.They keep hustling.KITI can’t handle this tonight.I’m going home.VIVIAN(stares at her)That crack is burning a hole inyour pocket. There isn’t evenmilk in the fridge. The rent’sdue. Now come on --EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - ANGLE ON FERRARI - NIGHTKIT (O.S.)(suddenly)Hey, hey – There’s a rent.EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - BACK TO SCENE - NIGHTVIVIANHe’s not gonna want us.The Ferrari goes by and stops.EDWARD(calls out to Vivian)Excuse me.KIT(excited)Don’t take less than a hundred.You look hot tonight. Andremember, don’t mouth off. Theydon’t like that.VIVIANOkay. Go home. But take it easyon that shit.Kit gives Vivian a quick hug.KITYou’re the greatest. I’ll waitup for you.And then Kit is off, moving quickly away. Vivian turns. Shestares at the Ferrari, loathing it and all it represents. Andthen it’s as if Vivian turns a switch. She fluffs her mane ofhair, throws her shoulders back, thrusting her breasts out andsashays towards the car, a sexy, friendly smile on her face.In the driver’s seat of the Ferrari, Edward is looking furiousand distracted. Vivian leans over the passenger window.VIVIANHey Sugar, you lookin’ for a date?EDWARDWhat’s that?VIVIANYou looking’ for some company?EDWARDUh, no. How do I get to BeverlyHills?VIVIANWhat?(dropping the come on)You gonna tell me you’re lost?EDWARDYes.VIVIANGreat. What do I look like atourguide?Edward takes a good look at her.EDWARD(a beat)No, you look like a hooker.VIVIANActually, I’m a movie star outfor a walk.EDWARDGood. Can you tell me how toget to Beverly Hills?VIVIANSure. For five bucks.EDWARDThat’s ridiculous.VIVIANThe price just went up to ten.EDWARDWhy don’t you just do it out ofthe kindness of your heart?VIVIAN(sweetly)Sit… and spin.EDWARDSit-and-spin.(amused)Alright… why not?He pulls out his money clip.Vivian suddenly freezes. On the sidewalk up ahead, Carlos andSkateboard. Carlos flashes an evil, menacing grin. He motionsto Skateboard, they start forward.EDWARD(holding up a bill)You have change for a twenty.Vivian pulls open the door of the car and jumps in.VIVIANFor twenty, Ill show youpersonal. Drive.Edward stares at her. She smiles sweetly.VIVIAN (cont’d)Make a “U-ee”. 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