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Post: Diagonals and feet
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Posted by: Brett
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I grow very tired of the diagonal boat moaners,even a casual glance at the class rule before getting involved in this class would show how a diagonal boat is possible,and was always possible!!!Yes the rule makers were very aware that the simple measurement process, ie fit the boat inside a box could lead to boats longer than 1 foot…hence the reference in the rule to the boats being approximately 1 foot long!!

These boats are very simple to measure because of the box rule…if we were to stipulate how the boat must be held in the box to measure then this would open up a whole other Pandora’s box…but of course the" diagonal boat moaners" are to stupid to see this as they missed the whole point of the simple measurement and its implications before they even got started!!

If we where to stipulate that the boats should be 12 inches long then there is only one fair way to measure them and that is in a water tank like IOM…now if thats what you want then start your own class because this class measures boats in a box in a very simple and effective way and a great many people have found it challenging to design and build in this framework.

I don’t intend to argue the point with anyone,if you don’t like how these boats are measured then I respectfully suggest you go find another class of boat to play with The footy class will live and die by this “box” if it is dead to the “diagonal boat moaners” already then good we don’t need your negativity.go now,cos it ain’t changing to suit the moaners in this regard any time soon.

A little study of some basic navel architecture principals will show you that it is all not beer and skittles for the diagonal boats…indeed a great many 12 inch boats have beaten longer ones…in this rule there are trade offs…but off course navel architecture is not well understood by these moaners.These principals are pretty easy to understand,I had a fairly good grasp of them even in High school and I am not that bright I assure you!!

The moaners should get a grip and do a little study,its a development class after all,this class is challenging on all levels of sailing…design,construction,tuning,and sailing ability are all well tested in this framework and you need to get all areas pretty well sorted to have a chance in a decent level race. A well thought out 12 inch boat will beat a poorly executed 13 inch one all day every day…