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Posted by: didisail
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Open letter to Claudio Vigada

dear Claudio, first of all thank you for your invitation to unofficial Footy Cup Italia 2013.

I will not be there.

I have come to know you in Sestriere 2012 and now also in Le Havre 2013 as a sporting and fair RC sailors. And now I’m so disappointed about your action against the official FCA Italy. What’s making you and your colleagues is beyond all fairness. In Italy there are only one Footy Class Association and it can be only one. Namely recognized by the IFCA, in which Flavio Feloci since the foundation, is the officially approved registrar.
There is also a scandal as reported in your group about the French regatta. Sure and I agree with you, it was in
Le Havre not everything as it should be, but follows insulting to report it I find unsporting and unfair.

For these and other reasons not listed here I will not be with you in Milano. I do not sail in regattas with whom you are to be a National Cup, but were not approved by the official FCA Italy.

I want to ask you at this point as a friend, to put an end to the whole and to stop the attacks against the official FCA Italy. This includes that you take in my opinion illegal website from the network. Change your Italian Footy Cup 2013 in to a local Footy Cup Regatta where everybody can have fun and a good conscience.

With friendly greetings
Dieter Schmitz
Footy SUI 21