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Post: Tax services ( the novice training of 118 )
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Tax services of
State Taxation Bureau of Hainan Province, Deng Linan 2011818
• Why ----- Why should carry out a comprehensive tax service work cheap turbotax 2011?
• How ----- how to carry out a comprehensive tax service work? • What ----- Tax Service’s content?
Why turbotax 2011? (Why)
Why should carry out a comprehensive tax services work?
New public management movement inspired tax department
New public management theory of new public management theory practice in the countries
New Public Management Theory tax department
Theory of tax compliance tax services
• type • Tax compliance costs to comply with the non-compliance with the tax service
Building service-oriented government, and building a harmonious society
• Third Plenum of the core of the congress stressed the scientific concept of development, scientific development concept • • seventh plenary session to deepen the reform of the management system views
Deal with the reality of the social supervision select
Mei-US incident Wang Yongping event Excellencies funding
The inevitable development needs of the tax work
Working oriented
By the mandatory shall regulatory shift to a service-oriented
Taxpayer positioning
From regulators objects serve
How cheap quicken 2012? (How)
How to carry out a comprehensive tax services cheap quicken 2012?
Overseas experience
The establishment of a service organization
The 12 States of the United States turbotax 2011 cheap quicken 2012, Europe, Asia, Oceania quicken 2012 download turbotax, tax services and tax services oversight bodies Statistics
U.S cheap quicken 2012.
Taxpayers Advisory Service (Board informati on service)
Taxpayer rights protection agencies
The taxpayers communication Bureau (Client contact)
Tax interests of taxpayers Maintenance Agency office (national taxpayer advocate) national tax service agency in South Africa taxpayer service management office (service monitor office)
Taxpayer service tax consulting services Bureau Service (corpora Center tion tax (Tax line) online)
Ben Korea New Zealand Singapore tax counseling taxpayers the right to tax services taxpayer service benefits Bureau Bureau Advisory Committee on Maintenance Agency (service (responsible tax services (the nation (taxpay s sector) al tax ers division) council) advocate division)
Thailand call center (RD call centre)
Foreign experience to develop a service plan
USA and Canada
Ireland turbotax download, Netherlands and Norway, South Africa
Overseas experience
Emphasize the protection of taxpayer rights
• the legal form of the protection of the rights of taxpayers
• taxpayers Charter
OECD Model
Overseas experience
Social services
Social tax service agencies nonprofit tax service agencies
World Taxpayers Association discount turbotax 2011 turbotax 2011, the League of European taxpayers
Asia-Pacific countries to taxpayers Taxpayers Federation Association volunteers
For-profit tax service agencies
Accountant affairs
CTA firm law firm tax consulting firm
Overseas experience
The taxpayers satisfaction survey
• The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) • Norwegian Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSB) • Swiss Customer Satisfaction Index (SWICS)
What? (What)
Tax services download turbotax?
What is the tax service
Think about and answer: What is the essence of the tax activities turbotax 2011 download? Tax or service cheap turbotax? The taxpayer’s self-assessable
The concept of tax services: narrowly expressed tax services tax authorities in accordance with the provisions of the tax laws and administrative regulations, tax collection, management quicken 2012, inspection and implementation of the tax law