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Nothing to do with RC sailing. Just an angry person venting against a full sized boat dealer.

Post: Poor Dealings with CFL Marine, Baltimore
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I recently tried to negotiate a deal with Chip, CFL Marine. Told him we were interested in his Mainship, started a survey, only completed half of the survey when our guy advised that he had contacted Chip to do a trial run (to complete the survey), Chip advised he was taking out someone else that day for a trial run (keep in mind, I am located in Canada, Chip in Boston area). My surveyor contacted me to see what the deal was, I had no idea. I phoned Chip and was advised that I should make an offer as he had someone else interested. I was floored. Never have I dealt with anyone in business with such poor customer service. I said that I was not prepared to offer him the full price without a completed survey.
To date(approx 3 weeks) I have not been able to contact Chip, he is not answering his phone.
My advise is to stay as far away as possible from this guy. Luckily for me it only cost me the price of half a survey.