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Post: Importance of RA programs
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The past three decades have seen the importance of Regulatory affairs rise to become of pivotal significance to the successful development and bringing to market of new products. Regulatory affairs experts work in major multinational corporations or in specialist consultancy companies. Some of them are independent experts in a particular sector and others are leading members of Regulatory affairs agencies.

There are also various regulatory agencies that exist to provide training, information and personal contact services and to ensure that its members are pre-eminent in their profession. These organizations are the current leaders in training for Regulatory affairs with programs developed by developed by regulatory professionals for regulatory professionals. These structured training sessions cover programs for all levels of experience, from new entrant to senior professional. Combining lectures from leading experts, exercises and case studies with networking opportunities, the Regulatory affairs training courses give real practical information that directly translates into the professional day-to-day needs of delegates.

Over the last 15 years, the MSc Degree courses provided by various organizations in Regulatory affairs has become recognized as the gold standard educational qualification for the profession. The courses attract students from Europe, the USA, Central and Eastern Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia, with an internationally recognized panel of lecturers. :graduate: