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Post: For Sale Vintage M Sails
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Used dacron vintage marblehead sails. In 7/10 condition. Jackrope main. A-suit. PM for interest.

The price is $40.
That is 25% of the cost of a new suit of sails for this boat from Rod Carr. I am selling these sails to produce exactly that, 25% of the price of new sails.
These are entirely useable and servicable, and I am still using them.

The main is in good condition. I would rate it 9/10. It is slightly faded, but there are no rips, tears, seam issues or anything else negative going on.

The jib was worn on the tack and clew. And as such I had to cut away at the very bottom of the sail, and install new grommet eyes. The sail cloth is backed up with sail repair tape. I rate the jib at 6/10 condition.

Pictures are included of these closeups, and of the boat under sail.
If you would like to see any more photos of any paticular place on the sail, feel free to ask.

Ships from USA Zip 01970

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