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The message posted by Claudio is absolutely FALSE and offensive as demonstrated by my reply. IT is ridiculos to modify a shape of an object with a graphic software just to overlap two different objects. Every one can demonstrate the similarity of two objects modifying the shapes.

Post: AC100 eXtreme
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Posted by: claudio
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I think you have a problem !!
I just pickup a corner of your drawing AC100 Extreme :

summing up all the surface values indicated on the COA, I get 2606cm3 and not 2692cm3 as marked on the drawing
Further according to my calculations and assuming a LWL of 850mm, the prismatic coeficient is 2606cm3/4588cm3 = 0.568 and not 0.58 as written. and this may be a problem for medium/hight winds
The situation get worst once you calculate the loss of volume with the use of a LWL of 835mm that I extimate to be about 152cm3, derived from my calculation of the water plan surface that do not appears in the drawing - strange !!

The hull volume available for LWL of 835mm will 2606cm3 - 152cm3 = 2454cm3

If then you take this last option and you add 2454g + 342g of the appendix = 2796g and you substract the bulb of 1850g, at the end remains 946g for the total construction !

Is all that correct ?