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Entry: Freelance writers can earn more money from home
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Freelance writing and their experience

I am a freelance writer, I have more than 2 years experience in freelance work. I have more than 10 years work experience in various companies and various sections. But now a day overall economy is very low, so two years back I decided to start with freelance work.

I am doing work for my existing clients as well as new clients and I am trying to keep them very happy with me so that only I can maintain my relationship. I am getting clients and projects from freelance website like I am one of the power members in this site. I won more than 55 projects from this site. When I started my freelance career that time I don’t know about any websites and I confused about how to get the projects? How to contact the job providers? That time my friend Mr.Johnsmith Thakal help me , he only tell about this website and tell me don’t want to pay any amount for registration and bid, Just free service and also secure payment.

First I am not have 100% hope in this site, after that I thought let we try, so I will join free with this site and bid the projects, slowly I won the projects and clients. Now many clients from are my life long customers and still now I will not worry about the payment. They are providing me 100% payment security. But when I see this site first, I am not getting hope or confidence this site, because there design is simple and not good look. But there service is very good.

Every freelancer should be satisfying your clients then only you can get more work from us.

Freelance project biding

 I’m join with project outsourcing website and submitted my profile and portfolio first, because many freelancers doing this mistake that is they are joined with freelance sites but they will not provide their overall details. But in this kind of freelance website all the clients must see the portfolio and profile first after that only they will select you. Normally I ‘m quoting affordable cost for n4mp clients, but I will not provide very cheap rate, according to my work I will offer good price. I am investing 90$ per month subscription and earn more than 500$ per month, so it is very helpful for me.

Many people they are interested in home based works but they are very lazy to submit the bid. But in my experience I am not waiting for more time for projects reply. I will get immediate response from net4manpower clients and also other freelance site.

Create online portfolio

Freelancers should be creating a virtual portfolio that is client list and samples, it is very useful to market your service to client nationally and internationally. Many free services providers are there in online to create the portfolio, so you can use this for your market.

You don’t have to look hard to find freelance writing jobs; you just have to “look smart!” Make this your year to achieve your writing goals and become a published creator!!!
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