Reportage from the First Czech Footy Class Sailboat Championship '2017

Ahoy! :slight_smile:

I have the pleasure to invite you to see the relationship of the first such large footy race in the Czech Republic
(last year I gave the Czech colleagues management of their class).

26 skippers took part in the competition - including 8 from Poland.
Among all participants were 6 juniors - they raced separately.

Results in general classification:

  1. Vladimir Synek, CZE 35 - boat type Breithorn
  2. Rafał Kowalczyk, POL 15 - boat type Opalek
  3. Dalibor Sebera, CZE 67 - boat type Buta (his latest design after Esterel)

Is worth mentioning yet the other quite good designs in this regatta:

  • Esterel by ClaudioD made in the Czech Republic,
  • Elf (Polish vacuform boat based on Razor design)
  • Chmelka (Czech development of Opalek design).

For more information and photos, please visit our Facebook site:

Next ist Polish FOOTY Championship in Wroclaw - June 10-11, 2017.

Best regards!
Pawel Dejnak

FOOTY POL Registrar

Congratulations, Pawel. It sounds like a great race. I’d love to see some pictures.

All the best…Bill

Thank you Bill :slight_smile:

Let me reaffirm that you are a contributor to the development of the leading Polish boats (for example Elf).
On our Facebook pages (I linked it above) you can see the pictures without even logging in. I add here some - especially for you :slight_smile:

Best regards!

The class with the coolest insignia!!
Is the relative size of the rudder in the picture of no.35 the norm?

Thanks Naptalene :slight_smile:

The Rudder of CZE 35 is housed in the IFCA measurement box rule (was checked).
The whole model (as told me Vladimir Synek - the owner and the current FOOTY Czech master)
was made according to the plans of the Breithhorn by Marcus Wahlin (SUI 120).

Best regards! :slight_smile:

Pretty much, yes. Footys are great boats going upwind…they can take incredible amounts of sail for their size and they track beautifully. The tradeoff is downwind and tacking into chop, where the big rigs can overpower the boat. Since we never seem willing to change down to smaller rigs until absolutely necessary, that means Footys can be a handful going downwind. Their short LOA and massive rigs make them dive a lot, so a long rudder is needed to maintain a semblance of control when the bow is underwater and the stern is high.