Regular Monthly Footy meeting at Burton

I have been asked to post a reminder that there is a regular Footy meeting at Branston Water Park is situated just South West of Burton on Trent

This is a regular league type meeting that Burton run on the last Saturday of each month.

for directions see :-

Branston Water Park is signposted off the A38 but please note that access can only be made from the North East carriageway, i.e. driving towards Derby. If you are coming from the Derby direction then you have to drive past the entrance and down to the next exit and retrace you steps. The actual entrance is right next to a company that has stacks of containers in it’s yard which is a bit of a landmark.

This is a lovely setting and well worth a visit.
Look forward to seeing you there

Best wishes

Darn, if I only lived in England. Footys and so close to the Newcastle brewery!


It’s less distance from Manchester NH to Manchester England than it is from Manchester NH to Los Angeles (just).

Put next year’s Euro GP (18-19 July) in your diary.



You should know that we Footyers do not touch Newcastle Brown - we try and get it down the neck without touching the sides.

I am a fluent Geordie speaker and able to teach you the pronunciation of Newcastle. And the correct Newcastle!


Thanks AndyT and I am really enjoying reading the race reports at
My thanks to Peter Hubbard for taking the time and trouble to write those reports. I am trying to brew up interest in a similar monthly raceday in Sheboygan, WI for any footy sailors who can make it.


I can attest that it was a fun day, with enough weather and not too much weed.

My thanks, as always, to Peter and the other organisers for making it an efficient and enjoyable experience, and to Trevor for writing the report and showing us which way to go round the course:D

I think the day was notable for the excellent sails - mostly macrigs - and the fact that ALL the Brummaffia’s 507s were under control and often facing the same way

Voooortrekkker completed her first complete day’s racing, and reached the first mark in the lead several times. One component needs refining or changing to improve performance - the nut behind the wheel!
Again she was impressive while moving; but easy to stop and lose all momentum.
She is just about to suffer major surgery - no less than the loss of all the hull and deck which is always out of the water. Gary may be racing “Thintrekker the stealth footy” and I aim to reduce bulk, weight and windage of the hull and gain the room to fit a removable “servo pack” above deck as well.

For what its worth, and since you asked, the direct drive rudder is excellent - totally fast and slop free. (The servo is mounted above the rudder shaft and concentric with it - driving the rudder via two pins into a tiller bar). The workmanship could have been better - it would be nice to be able to obtain neutral rudder at the transmitter!

If you have tears prepare to shed them now - my sad camera was available and working, but made a new noise at me after only four pictures. Turned out the card was full, but without a screen on the camera difficult to diagnose at the lake and impossible to delete a few pics to make a space.



Well the principle of embedding seems to work, but one of the pics want awol

Here is a pic of my Razor showing her white side

Learning new trix everyday


There must be a reason - in each case the first picture isn’t working


another trial - from easter sunday