If a person resides in one country, but want’s to register a boat in their “homeland” country, what does one have to do?

Is this posible?

Lie - quietly!:devil3:

Why register in another country? Not to be chauvinistic, but what’s wrong with registering as “Footy ### CAN”?
We ‘Canucks’ have to keep our ‘top end’ up, or find nobody knows we exist.
Footy 08 CAN
Soling 782 CAN

now if the hypothetical person was someone who designed and built boats, was on line a lot and had a web page, Angus’s suggestion might not work. I do know of a make up artist who could change someones appearance and I’m sure someone you know has a ‘cousin in miami’ :cool: who could help out. :zbeer:

ya bunch a jokers. :stuck_out_tongue:

ya, the person in question is me :devil3:, and i plan on regstering here in canukville.

i know canada needs more, but so does the wee island i’m thinking about representing at the “Worlds”. :smiley:

and what might that island be? Fiji? or Sealand? :devil3: lol

sealand! how’d ya know?:lol:

actually, the island of Tutswainia. it’s more of an ithmus though.:lol:

I know it`s probably an attempt at humour but if it is a serious inquire then I have some facts to tell you of, that may effect your thinking.:lol:

If the powers that plan to run this proposed “World Championship” choose to run under the rules of the ISAF RSD then there will be no chance that a competitor can be entered under any country other than that in which they have resided for the twelve months prior to the event.
This rule was changed after my event in 1997 when a number of NZL owners sailed for FIJI.:devil3:

If there are to be any sort of number allocations they would be based on the number of registrations in each country so getting those numbers up in each area is the best way of ensuring a larger entry for your country.:scared:

UmmHmm. I’ll guess I’ll stick with my resident country then.
I will have to wait for retirement, when I’m residing on da beach.:slight_smile: