Registration needed?

I am new to the forum, although to use a term “lurking” (not a nice one) as an interested Visitor for some months.

My question is how would I get my Boat Registered so that I can participate in upcoming events. There is no official listing of my country on your website for a registrar and the rules of entry say they must be registered boats.

This confuses me when I see everybody being invited even when they don’t appear to be registered. No class in their contry, eg Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia etc.

Can anybody explain how I register when there isn’t a recognised class in my country or do I simply register a boat with the central body?

Many Thanks.


I think that if there is no model yachting organization in a country, you may volunteer to act as registrar and self register your boats. If others become interested then you can figure out amoung yourselves how to organize. If there is a model yachting organization you could may ask to register under their system. For a new class, like Footys, a national yachting organization may ask you to act as registrar until more skippers join the class so it could the same either way.

Step forward. How do you think any of these hobby groups get started? Someone has to go first.:zbeer:

Not wanting to be involved in day to day running. Just a hobbyist who travels a lot.

Thought I would ask as it seems I cannot participate unless I am registered. But I can’t register as there aren’t any registrars in my country.

How is it that some countries seem to get the OK to compete but others don’t.

Is there a central registration for the class?

Where are you from, Len53?

Well, what you have to do is self register for now. Then, when a second countryman/woman comes along, you hand the job over stating that your tenure has expired under your nation’s rules. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think countries are being favored. It’s just easier to ride on the coat tails of existing organizations. Perhaps you could propose an amendment to our Charter that would solve this problem. I also don’t think you’d be turned away at any event if your boat fits the box. We’re kind of light in the “compete” area right now and should welcome all. So, welcome to Footydom. We’ll figure out the details later.

Domiciled on Norfolk Island… Travel regular to Mainland for business, soon to be in UK for Holiday & Business Trip.

Being honest, I’m too busy for involvement other than to sail a boat.

Built a Free Sail 12" boat nearly 20 years ago (scaled down Vic Smeed Starlet).

Big & Beamy so should be able to R/C… carries extra weight inside hull. Thought I could take out balast and install radio and batteries. Have spots already in place as I thought I would R/C first but too heavy & expensive back then.

Just wondering about registration given recent problems on Forum…

There are no events being held that would require registration,The New Zealand Postal classic being the only current event that springs to mind does not require it.I am sure if you turned up in another country to race then you would be treated well and be able to compete.This would include the MYA championship too I am sure given your circumstances.The class is not out to exclude anyone.
I don’t belive the stakes are high enough at the momment that you would be treated any different.
You have taken the time to post your concerns on this forum,so you could perhaps take the time to approach your National authority in the hopes that they could start a register.

Whoa… Hang On a minute… Sorry I Didn’t mean to offend… Seems like you have me all wrong…

The reason I asked is the Notice of Race on the website says that the boats must be registered.

Not wanting to offend as I said but perhaps this might need looking into before you say that Registration isn’t necessary.

Buffalo NYC

1. Each boat must be registered with the International Footy Class Association and/or their National Authority. National Authority (AMYA or CRYA) membership and registration is not required, but strongly encouraged.

You can’t have one without the other

Colwyn Bay

Each boat must be registered with the International Footy Class Association.

As I said I’m a Hobbyist who travels a lot and merely asked how I could register a boat. Seems like you get attacked just for asking.

You have taken the time to post your concerns on this forum,so you could perhaps take the time to approach your National authority in the hopes that they could start a register.

I take issue with these comments. I am 53 years of age and I did not post a concern, I merely asked a question.

Obviously a question that has touched a raw nerve and one that you don’t want to answer…

If I don’t have a National Class Association does this mean I am excluded, because I cannot register a boat without one.

I don’t have the time or the energy to do as you suggest, it’s only a 12" boat afterall and as you put it, the stakes aren’t high enough…

So where to from here? Brett?


Your reading the incorrect notice of races…please read the notice of race for the NZ postal classic,the ones you quote are piggyback events.
The postal classic does not require registration.

You have the time and energy to post here…but not to e mail your National radio sailing body?
I don’t understand???

Well perhaps you should be careful with your Tone and your facts. Why you do not, I do not understand.

If you note my previous Post I will shortly be in UK for Holiday and Business. These in some part cover the period of the Race. Prompting my asking.

And what If my National Body does not have an interest in 12" boats? What happens then?

Has the Class approached all world wide bodies? Perhaps this is a Class thing and not for the individual. All I want to do is sail a boat without childish politics and sabre rattling. As I said I am far too busy to be involved to any great degree.

Perhaps I am remiss by asking a simple question on a Forum that is supposed to be helpful to newcomers. Was I wrong to ask Brett?

As I said previous,
turn up at the pond,I am sure you will not be turned away.

It is late and I do not want to sound abrupt.


Can you please answer the Question I asked and stop being evasive.

It is not only for this event but the future.

Surely you have considered this previously.

Are you being Paranoid because a simple question was asked? Perhaps the apology will come later.

As a Moderator and Chairman I would have expected a better tone and performance.

Is this Class to be taken seriously or am I mistaken?

Hi Len53,

Is Norfolk Island governed by Australia, at least as far as model yachting goes? If so, I’d contact them. The Frappr map shows 2 skippers in Australia, If you’re not the same as one of them (similar names) then that makes 3. Pool your efforts and request assistance with Footy issues from the Australian MYA, Inc. If you’re not considered Australian, you’re free to start yourself or you’ll just have to wait for someone else to come along.

We did have an offer for an Australian registrar but I’m not sure if he went through the Australian MYA, Inc. He was also involved in the recent communication issues, as I’m sure you’re aware. So he’ ruffled a few feathers on this forum. Can he regain some of the good will that was around prior to the recent blowup? Probably, sure. Be we all need to try harder to chat without reading honest questions and suggestions as attacks. I may have pushed a little hard on someone when they’re having a bad day. If so, I’m sorry. For the most part, this is a friendly bunch of folks that like to sail fun little boats. Brett’s not the sole voice of Footys. He doesn’t have all the answers, especially when working with virgin territory. All of us have something to say about where this new class goes.

You’ve been welcomed at Colwyn Bay. I would think a direct invitation from the event organizer indicates that a minor technicality can be dealt with.

Best of luck

Len53 is most likely waboats for those who were not sure!!
IP address is the same anyway.

the eprson in question has been banned. keep the flow going. you will not be bugged agian. p.s/ does anybody have plans for a rounded hull footy. to download?

I’m looking for the right sized soda bottle to build a hull from. Does that count?:slight_smile:

Cougar, if you want a set of lines/offsets for a Dingo, you are extremely welcome.

I have some that I could send you, too, Cougar. They are Hullform files, so you’d need to have that program to use them.

Bill H

If we once again have the opportunity to discuss things without screams of abuse, the common sense approach to registration is roughly as follows.

First, if there is no national registrar, ask your national authority. You can find a list of all ISAF national radio sailing authorities at

If they do not want to know, appoint yourself as the registrar and issue yourself sail number XYX [Country] 01. Contact any of the registrars listed in the Official website and somebody will send you a spreadsheet to record the register and a standard form registration certificate. You will appear on the website as the national registrar for your country. If your flock of Footys multiplies and you do not wnt the job, hand it over to someone else. Done minimalistically with few boats, it is hardly any trouble. If there are a lot of boats, you should be able to find a mug to take over.

Because of recent shemozzles, we would be very reluctant to acknowlege a self-appointed registrar in a country such as Australia where the natonal authority reckons to register all model yachts, unless there was a positive statement from that national authority that all was OK by them. The Footy Class Association is the new boy on the block and we can do without David and Goliath acts with national authorities. A copy of their e-mail would normally be sufficient.

If everyone is reasonably sensible, this should be the end of the problem. If anyone doesn’t like it and threatens legal action against myself or any other member of the committtee, then … dunno. We work hard for this class so that people can hopefully have fun sailing Footys. Neither Bill Hagerup no I make a cent from our activities for this class and Brett, despite having been a builder, reckons that he has made a thundering loss. Nobody’s pockets are lined with gold save those of British Telecom, NZ Telecom (or whatever it calls itself) and some Baby Bell.

Very tired of this. Can I go back to designing slightly crazy boats for a bit? Actually I think that I might have a Viking funeral for every vaguely floatable Footy I’ve got. They can burn their way towards Liverpool in the rising dawn.

I had a count up of Footy hulls in my workshop the other day…I stopped at 20 unique designs.
They would make quite a sight burning on the way down the Otago harbour at dawn.
I agree with Angus,I am very tired of what is going on.
This class and class rule has had so much negative attention…yet the class still is growing proving there is a need and desire for it.

I have actively promoted these boats on this forum for the past 5 years or so…I doubt the class would exist in its current form with out that push…5 years is a good wack.As I said earlier I am ready to move on, I would help in a technical role with the class rules if required but the class needs more than that right now.
You guys who have grown to like this class need to stand up now and take over.
I used to have a hobby of building and sailing Footy yachts…but lately it seems my hobby has become these forums and endless debates on class rules and registration issues.
I spend 2 -3 hours per day dealing with footy issues.Unbelivable that this class could take so much time isn’t it? considering we havn’t even raced in anger yet.
I now every word of the class rule of by heart it seems …have been over every word with a fine tooth comb more times than I care to remember.
I am sick and tired of it…the only good thing is the great people Ive meet through these forums,that makes it worthwhile.
I will stand back now and see what happens with great interest.