Registering my footy

John Amoroso is who is listed as the register of non-amya boats in the USA. I have emailed him twice with no response. Has the contact person changed or maybe he is on vacation? Have my first sailboat, a “Pintail 12”, that I am excited to get finished!

Thanks in advance!


Hi Rick,

I’m still around. I only have 1 email from you, it hit my inbox yesterday afternoon. I’m coordinating with Bill so your sail number will won’t change if you ever want to register with the AMYA. I was going to contact you tonight if I don’t hear from Bill so you won’t be left hanging.

Welcome to Footydom. If all goes according to plan, you’ll have sail number 63. I’ll let you know as soon as we have our lists checked. You could put 63 on your sails now if you don’t mind being taking a chance on being given 163, 263, etc. Only the last 2 digits are displayed.

Thanks for the support,

Cool thanks for letting me know! I will let you contact me before I put a number on. Thanks again!