Region 1 RCR Results

The Region 1 regatta was a great success! Sixteen skippers had pre-registered, but two couldn’t make it, and one dropped out with tech problems before we started. A thirteen boat fleet was great, though…thanks to all you guys for being flexible enough to handle the last-minute venue change.

The wind was excellent…a good A rig day going to B rigs in the afternoon. By afternoon, the occasional gusts made downwind handling tricky, giving advantage to those who could keep them going straight while diving. There was also an occasional lull, catching us all by surprise. Those were really strange, since the wind had been strong enough to produce some good chop, the lulls left us at the mercy of the waves, meaning a boat could lose 20 feet of progress before the wind came back!

There was a lot of close racing, proving once again that no boat design is dominant. Unfortunately, noone up here has an Ice, so Roger’s excellent design was not represented. There were several of Butch Bragg’s Sharks, a Chris Staiger PoolShark, some Razors, a few Cobras, a Micron, and a 507.

Lunch was a special highlight of the regatta. Suzanne DeStefano generously provided an incredible spread of goodies…including deviled eggs with little sails on them! Thanks so much, Suzanne, for your culinary talents.

The top five finishers were: 5th Ed Roher - 62 points sailing Shark 48, 4th Scott Spacie - 54 points sailing Cobra3 27, 3rd Cliff Martin - 43 points sailing Razor3 260, 2nd Colin Mosgrove - 33 points sailing PoolShark 261, and Champion Herb Dreher - 32 points sailing Razor3 25.

Alain Jousse took some pics for you.